Wednesday 15 August 2012

Makeover Stories ~ Dr Lakshmi

Laksh is one of my favorite bloggers ... and surely needs no introduction.... Her blog, Celebrations Decor is a reflection of my soul... We must have been sisters in some previous life (LOL)...

But everything from lotus, to candles, to flowers, to tea lights.... I LOVE... LOVE everything about her blog... and she clicks the most amazing & inspirational photographs...

On these walls is a story of a lazy afternoon.... when her brother & her ... gave a personal touch to a wall.... with a few doodles....

As you can see... the sketches are truly impressive......

Slowly filling in the colours.... 

And then suddenly coming to life.... Now that I've seen this gorgeous wall... I'm going to make a few lotus on the wall too.... *smiles*... I told you.. Laksh was my role model... 

What a gorgeous corner to have some tea.... Someday... when I visit her... we will have our chai here... 

For more inspiration hop over to Celebrations Decor and be inspired.... 

Oh.. and don't forget to send me your makeover stories on 


  1. My dear,by writing this post,you made my day...So happy...this just came as a pleasant,hug,laksh

  2. Omg this looks so wonderful,,..:)

  3. Beautiful is all I can say.

  4. patty dear,
    love the post... on independence day, you brought two of my favorite things... the national flower lotus, and one of my favorite ladies...! She is a constant inspiration to many of us, who are sort of juveniles...!Hugs to you and Lakshmi..
    Btw, love ur charka snap.. Happy Independence Day..!

  5. Wow! I would luv to hv a chai corner like that too. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. I am a great admirer of Laksh and ofcourse you :) Way to go ladies!! Keep the inspiration coming!

  7. Gasp! thats a beautiful piece of wall art,very symbolic to share the sketches of the national flower on India's independence day.
    Jai Hind

  8. nice post. thanks for sharing such a beatiful blog. from

  9. You are right when u say she is so inspirational...her photography , her portraits of the crowded Delhi , sometimes make u feel u are in some beautiful himalayan retreat:)I too would love to join you both for tea by that awesome wall:)

  10. I've loved her photography....beautifully clicked images of such simple things!Inspiration indeed!

  11. What a gorgeous wall :) am so inspired

  12. What a beautiful post. Lakshmi is always good and thanks Patty for featuring her. It was a real feast to the eye.

  13. The visit was useful and comprehensive.Thanks for sharing. from -


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