Monday 27 August 2012

The Weekly Story ~ wk 91

Hello my loves.... How are you all doing!! I return this week... sometime today.... and get straight back into my mental life... of work... kids.... home.. and holiday homework...*sigh*.... And all those assignments that we did nothing about for all these months.... 

Today's post.... takes you back into the 'Makeover series'....

Staying on the topic of walls, artwork also provides a wall with an instant bit of oomph. This can be your own painted works, photographs you’ve taken, artwork purchased at thrift stores, or simply reprints on canvas or photo paper that are well framed. Try and stick to a theme, be it colours, frame types or photo subjects - again, such walls become favourites with visiting guests.

Another great option is to combine any of the above artwork with wooden windows - have a peek at your closest thrift or antique shop and you might just get lucky.  A collaboration of wall hangings, artwork, mirrors, wood work, coloured frames, in different shapes and sizes can create magic on a plain wall.

Art in an unexpected place can be a mood elevator. Place artwork in your bathrooms or frame a printout or a small painting and pop it on the kitchen counter. Consider using funny pictures, quotes or even framed jigsaw puzzles - it all adds to the feel of your own space and puts your subtle signature around your home.

If your chosen area of redecoration involves expanses of floor, consider using a mix of artwork, large statues, an ornate lamp, or a  Moroccan lamp hanging off the ceiling. Chimes, clay bells and occasionally even just a few fairy lights can do the trick.

Larger pieces of artwork, or even mirrors, can be simply placed on the floor. The advantages lies in the fact that the wall and floor simultaneous get a flash of character and also, any wires, electrical plugs or outlets, can be easily hidden.  Layer the pieces for that extra touch of style and you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised with the end result.

And the below is a one of my favorite little things shelf at my friend Jina's home.... The shelf speaks of her travel stories... Isn't that nice?

And this image is from an old ... old .. magazine... I had saved this ages ago... and don't remember the magazine name... or the person whose home this is.... 

But it is a true inspiration... *smiles*

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  1. I so love that charaka :) And the travel shelf too!

  2. Yes I also love the Gandhi's Chakra

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and informative post with Home and Garden Thursday. You've beautifully described how to arrange artwork on a wall and coordinate it with the room's decor. Beautiful

  4. What beautiful groupings! Thanks so much for linking up on Fabulous Friday at Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust. You helped make my par-tay a success!

    Warmly, Michelle


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