Monday 6 August 2012

Made with Love ~ August

Hello my lovelies... Made with Love today takes over the Weekly Story (will be back next Monday... don't stress) *smiles*..

So if you've made something (even old posts inspire me), or had any 'me' time.... share your stories with us... Or maybe... you should attempt at making something in August.... and then come back and link here....   I can always be inspired by your 'me' times...

I honestly don't know where July went... Don't you think I repeat myself every month?? I do!! Isn't it?? Its just that I somehow don't find time to do anything... anything on my list of things to do... to learn... DIYs... just nothing... I have so many ideas... and my 'to do' list simply gets bigger and bigger... July was the same... Between work, home, kids on holiday (so more demands), travel, I just had no time at all.... *sobs*... Really!! that's how I feel....

Now that the kids are away with their Grand Parents, I managed to steal a few hours from August for myself...

Always inspired by Woodooz and the DIYs they showcase... most importantly, Woodooz pens down DIYs for absolute dummies like me.... So I read about decoupage on their blog ages ago.... went back again to read it a few times *smiles*... Seemed rather doable... so I ventured out into the decoupage world... and here is my sole attempt...

Got some modpodge ... Yes, you get this in Dubai... I found it easily at the Emirates Trading Store on the Maktoum Street.... Email me if you want more information...

Looked through the Friday Magazine... to see if I could easily cut out any images... And I remember the girlies liking these summer ones... So I cut them out....

On a cork board coaster that I had from... God alone knows when... I lay the images out....

All you need to do... is mod podge the back of the images... paste on the cork board.... and then use ample mod podge on top of the images... If you've pasted them correctly in the first place, there will be no wrinkles... Use atleast two coats of mod podge....

Leave them for a while to dry between each coat....

Now... I had two of these spray enamel things.... I choose to use the glossy one...

And here is the end product.... What do you think??

Yeah... yeah... I know.... I could have done a better job... The images could be better too... *smiles*... Please be kind to me when you leave your comments.... *smiles*

I'm going to wrap it up.... and gift it to my girlies... Am sure they'll like my attempt??

From last months linky.... Here are my three inspirations... Check them out... and I'm sure they'll inspire you to try this as well...
Boulevard de L'antique

Want to get crafty?

Desi Kalakar

I'm soooooooooooooooo looking forward to you all joining the 'Made with Love' party... Here are the guidelines..

Watch out for party highlights on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter!!


What can you share? 

  1. Your own creation please!! ~ Art in ‘any’ form – a DIY, a craft, a before-and-after project, your photography, home decor, painting, sewing, quilting. 
  2. Food – a savoury, dessert, a meal, any delicacy that you made for your family, friends, yourself 
  3. Music or Poetry – It can be a video of a song you sang, a dance performance, a recital 
  4. Literary Work: Stories, poetry, songs, ‘ghazals’
  5. Any other creations... 
  6. And please share only 2 posts in a month... 

Who can share? 

  1. Doesn’t matter if you are a mom or not, a dad or not, married, unmarried – any of you can share your creation.
  2. Bloggers or non bloggers – there’s no restriction. I know there are so many of you who love to create but may not have a blog. 
  3. So, to celebrate the 'me' within you... share your creation via a link on your blog, facebook account, flickr stream, a pinterest page (let me know if you want an invite!) or even your online photo gallery! or simply email me on and I can do a post for you... 
Oh.. and I promise to show case two (make that three) of my favourite linkys in next months party...

I host this party along with three inspiring people :  Rainy Day Mom, The Magic of Play and Mommy Lab ... Now go on and say 'hello' to them as well... *smiles*

Colours Dekor


  1. Looking great...

    a little question... mod podge is available in dubai?

  2. Patty, thanks a ton for this post. You know what have been trying to buy modpodge for sometime now and was failing everytime , now I know where i have to head:). Thank you so much. Once I get it, will be decoupging and will post it here , in your blog.


  3. Wow.. Paty... a great step.. :) You could also try it out with colorful hand made papers.. Thanks for mentioning Woodooz :)

  4. I too have been thinking of learning and trying my hand on decoupage.....but guess getting Modpodge may not be so easy here in've done a good job,Patricia!

  5. Pat, that is a brilliant idea to cut up images from magazine and use it for decoupage. Thanks for mentioning my terrarium post from Desikalakar!

  6. what a magnificent and special creation!

    Love your presence at Made With Love,

  7. what a magnificent and special creation!

    Love your presence at Made With Love,

  8. Thank you very much Paty for featuring my project, I am very glad you liked it, I love your party. Have a wonderful day. Erika

  9. This is sooooo awesome Patricia! Very creative ideas! I'll send you something soon. :-)

  10. where can we buy mod podge?

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  12. Hello Patricia, it was nice stumbling upon your blog :) I feel the exact same way every month, my to-do lists keep growing but I seem to not check things off of it. My head is bursting with ideas, but i dont seem to be able to complete my projects/ideas as quickly as I would like to :)
    I found modge podge in a store in Town Center, Jumeirah, but i found it alot costlier than what is being sold online in the US. Would you be able to direct me to the store on Maktoum St.? Thanks a ton :)


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