Wednesday 22 August 2012

Makeover Stories ~ Viju

Taking you today... to Viju's home... to show you her garden beauties.. and other random knick knack makeovers ... and how she creates magic for the festivities... What do you think??

Oh.. and the festivities begin... 

I love every little detail of the arrangement.... 

And now to tell you about 'Greens'

Consider bringing some green in. Plants are said to be most therapeutic to have around the house and also give a fresh, homely touch to any room. While it is a given that they require a certain amount of care and attention, they are bound to be mood brighteners, especially if they are the flowering kind. Ensure that your room is sufficiently well lit by sunlight if you consider this option. 

And here is how Viu has crated magic in her home... *smiles*

Sorry... I couldn't resist... Simply had to show you all her garden beauties... Aren't they so magnificent...

And I totally LOVE... LOVE this.... 

Do leave a comment..... and motivate her to share some more... *smiles* 


  1. am loving the terrace/balcony garden!!....amazing!!

    i live in apartment myself...and have myself a garden i love people who make the effort too!!

    btw..ur tagged in my latest post, and i think u will like it..since ur all about colors!!

  2. Hi
    I am excited to see my balcony garden here.
    Thanks dear. I am very happy.

  3. Loving the garden!The pots are pretty and so are the blooms!Honestly,gardening gives immense happiness to me....

  4. awesome!!!!

  5. Bunch of Beautiful decorations you have in your blog, Gonna inform to mom, She likes to do these type of decors in our home.

  6. beautiful garden made a sweeeet home for you..:))

  7. Great to get a glimpse of this gorgeous balcony

  8. Very cool to see all these things.
    Congrats & all the Best ....


  9. Just love those rangolis and the garden!


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