Wednesday 29 August 2012

Makeover Stories ~ Harshika

You've seen a tour of her home earlier.... Well the same home.. that you totally loved... has been revamped... I'm sooooooooooooooooooo very impresed!! and sure hope you are ready to be impressed too... *smiles*

and here is her story ~

My flat was a dull boring white. Painting the walls is my all time fav trick of adding oomph and drama to a house needing a makeover.

And here she shares with us her before.....

and then with a little bit of colour, glamour.....

her after pics...

I totally loved this makeover.. and sure hope you enjoyed it too... Share you rmakeover stories with me on 


  1. quite a transformation...great job done!

  2. The makeover looks gorgeous!!Honestly,colours can transform a place totally!And if a painting makeover is not possible,one could go in for colourful cushions and throws and other knick knacks and there would surely be magic!!!

  3. Luved that green textured wall with. Mirror,,,

  4. wow this is a lovely transformation...loved how with some colors on the wall , the whole house has come alive:)

  5. Lovely post as usual. Simply loved the makeover. It is amazing as to what dramatic effects some colour can bring about. The transformation sure adds a nice and cosy feel to the home..very creative.

  6. lovely..the green walls and the potted greens look great


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