Tuesday 8 March 2011

Green Thumb Decor ~ Ambika

I'm super excited... my first entry for the 'Green Thumb Decor' series... Yes!! In the spot light for March & April is Green Thumb Decor.... Go on... be inspired.. and send in your pictures... Email me at torresp27@hotmail.com
I wont say much... I'll let all these gorgeous images do the talking... Here is featuring ~ Sunny Yellow Window.... Isn't this a gorgeous morning??
Dont you just love her greens.... and as you going green with envy like me?? Over to you... Ambika!!
To the bright greens in my balcony garden, I've added a bit more colour with a bright yellow butterfly, a toad with beady eyes and a naughty grin, a blue snail, and a tiny elephant made of mud.
The bamboo plant holder is a treasured find too! The urn that you see to the right of the center pot is in fact a water jug made of a dried coconut shell and rope!
Oh.. and I love... love this lady... Isn't she gorgeous...
I'm inspired to do up my garden.... and add some beauty to it... Are you??
Dont forget to send in your entries to torresp27@hotmail.com


  1. I am shifting into a new apartment... looks like I am going to stalk this site! :P

    Amazing stuff! Yay to beautiful homes! :)

  2. Long time and it was nice to hear from you. We are still waiting for spring and the backyard to turn green.

    Will send some greenery your way from this season or will look up my garden pics from last year.

  3. Lovely Greens Ambika...your plants look so happy grouped together...kinda like friends talking to each other and spreading joy and positive energy. Loved the frogs...:-)and the Tulsi plant holder. Will be on my list to purchase during this trip to India

  4. You have been bestowed with Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit the link to accept the award. Congrats!

  5. looks gr8. Red-oxide floor for plant & flower pots is always a striking combo...ash

  6. Happy Women's Day Patricia!

  7. Love the red tiles and the cute frog and the cuter tortoise!!! I always slobber over these tulasi kattes in Gandhi Bazaar :). Was very happy to see the happy plants. Thanks for making a white out day so colorful.


  8. Lovely green space, Ambika!--Loved your terracotta lady!


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