Monday 19 November 2012

a little artist

Introducing to you today, is 5 year old Mowgli… (Indrani's little one!)

Mowgli is very talkative with lots of queries about everything, flying and floating in his day dreams with his purple coloured spects…   His first love is car. He is owner of 60-65 cars, 90% of them are scale model of originals. Just by a glimpse he can recognize the right car without any fault. He often gives his mom Indrani training on how to recognize these car.  

His second love is painting, which is obvious from all the work done. When he was around 2 and ½, he started drawing. From then on, his parents always stocked new drawing books and other materials. 

And when he is the mood.. he can finish a book in just two hours and then start screaming for more pages… 

His aim in life to become 1) Astronaut, 2) Pilot, 3) Automobile designer, 4) Truck driver.

His future plan is to buy 5 Tata Nano cars (different colours), 3 Audi, 3 Mercedes, 1 Fiat 500, 2 Volkswagen  Beetle, 1 big Concrete Mixer, 1 Rescue Van, 3 big private jets, 1 Helicopter etc etc etc.

Here is how he colours plastic containers... and reuses them.. 

butterflies on plastic .. in acrylic... 

And this is an empty rasgulla tin... He made this with his mom...

The Red jar is a glass jar, painted with acrylic and marker pen...

What do you think of the little magician... 


  1. This little artist is magical, he stole my heart with his lovely creativity Pat!We have one in our family too, I love working with him and create together, those moments are such rejuvenation to my tired brain:-)

  2. Wowwwww such a cute storyyyy :-) loved his future plan list of buying cars.I totally enjoyed reading it thruuu way a cute post patty

  3. Mowgli is so sweet. love his art work :)

  4. WOW the autorickshaw he has drawn is simply amazing!!

  5. Mowgli is such a sweet name and he sure is very talented.
    Loved his butterflies, cars and auto.

  6. Lovely ! it's so nice to see kids who exude creativity from such an early age :) loved all that he made !

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  8. Oh my goodness, what a talent he has! Very nice work.

  9. Wow! Just from a 5 yr old? Awesome :)


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