Wednesday 13 February 2013

Embracing Global Decor

Sharing some blog love today... (in time for Valentine's day)... and showing you my new find *smiles*... Here is where I spend a few hours in a day... 

Aalayam...meaning “a place of residence” in Sanskrit, is a blog with a concoction of ideas and inspiration. Co-authored by Deepa & Supriya, who are not only passionate about living the good life, but love design, decor, travel, photography, good food... and so much more.. So hop on to Aalayam Inspiration... and don't forget to follow... and show some love.. *smiles*

Over to the ladies at Aalayam....

Hello! When Patricia invited us to do a guest post for Colours Dekor, Supriya and I wanted to work on something that the Colours Dekor readers would enjoy. We wanted the pictures to be colorful and visually inspiring. A write-up on our personal design diction seemed appropriate. Supriya and I definitely have a lot in common with regard to design preferences and I guess that's what drove us into a collaboration. If you already a reader of Aalayam  then you know that we both love incorporating world-wide design elements in our homes. Our styles can best be described by the umbrella term "Global design /universal appeal".

Deepa's home - coffee table

My home is a merry melange of elements from all over the world  anchored by Indian elements for a truly global flavor.  Treasures such as Tanjore paintings from the art emporiums of  Chennai, persian rugs with ornate patterns, and fenton hobnail glassware from American antique malls  work harmoniously  in my home lending an exotic appeal. My home boasts of global charm and combines unorthodox decor accessories, lots of color and a heavy dose of drama without compromising on user-friendliness. Here's a few corner's from my home that highlights my fondness for world decor.

Deepa's home -  Living Room

Deepa's home - Bookcase

Supriya's home incorporates global design elements that are not necessarily conformist! The palettes range from ornate Indian furniture with vibrant textural softscaping to irreverent Bohemian chotchkies combined with quirky antique chic! This decor scheme blends form and function, and works like a charm for moving stuff around based on mood and occasion. The featured snapshots of her living space epitomize her style philosophy "let the room speak for you!". 

Supriya's home  - Chess board

Supriya's home  - seating area

Supriya's home  - blue wall/reading nook

Do you like ornamenting your home with global finds? Do you like  celebrating world cultures through global knick knacks?  If so, take a look at this great article on TLC  - "Decorating with world flair" 
Thank you Patricia for the privilege ! Hope we have inspired you to create your own global palette.
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Deepa and Supriya


  1. Enjoyed going through the post and both Supriya and Deepa have beautiful homes!

  2. Love how bold you ladies have gone on the wall! Beautiful homes, and I enjoyed the post! :)


  3. Great work and well decorated it ...Hotel Design nice look.

  4. Truly loved the post!!grt homes. am going to follow them!!

  5. have enjoyed visiting AALAYAM everytime!So nice to see it featured on Colorsdekor!Lovely images!!:)

  6. Something for you on my blog Patricia........

  7. Fab post...I have been drooling over that coffee table from world market since to check the blog

  8. Thank you Patricia for featuring us and thank you all for your kind words!
    Home decor has always been a passion and feels cathartic at the end of a busy work day and now the blog is a great medium to share ideas!
    please join us at Aalayam for more!


  9. Each of your finds are beautifully placed. Enjoyed glimpses into your home.... Must visit your blog now!

    Thank you Patty for introducing to Deepa n Supriya!



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