Wednesday 6 February 2013

Olivier's bachelor pad

Taking you today to a busy street in Paris, France to Olivier's bachelor pad... 

Making most use of his living room space... 

The coffee table changes or opens up to be a dining table as well... 

I thought this was super impressive!! 

I like how the bench is also used as dining area chairs... 

Having an open kitchenette doesn't restrict Olivier from entertaining his guests...

Most importantly... the decor is simple, crisp, basic... yet it looks absolutely stunning.. 

A colorful wall to create the warmth this home needs... 

and finally a little place to rest... 

Tell me... what you think? Isn't this such a lovely, cozy, warm home... 

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  1. it's certainly inspired small-space living. is olivier a student?

  2. The house is so neat and clean. and the dining table cum coffee table is awesome. Perfect for a small space.Loving the fifth picture.So comfy it looks.


  3. This is a simple yet functional home...I love the concept of the folding dining table....very interesting idea,just right for small spaces!

  4. patricia!
    small space, big style indeed!

    also, could you check your email, i sent you the draft with a few pics...


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. gosh this is so cozy! very impressive!

  7. Very neat and clutter free home .I Love the coffee cum dining table :)

  8. Very beautifully and stylishly decorated room!! The soothing lights provide a great ambiance.


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