Monday 18 February 2013

The Weekly Story ~ wk 3

Have some of you been asking me... what to do with small spaces?? and small balconies... 

Joining us today with her magical, enchanting space is Harshika .... who blogs and talks about her culinary skills on And She Cooks... 

A small balcony is definitely a big challenge!! Knowing if the balcony is short, square, long, rectangular, semi-circular will help you determine the type of furniture, plants of home accessories that will fit into the given space.

You obviously can't put a deck umbrella in a short balcony, but decorating it with a small bench will make it look stunning.

Use a mirror, it always makes the space look bigger. Go vertical... and use edges and fences effectively and efficiently...

Fill corners with larger herbs, and the rest of your space with smaller flowers, bushes and herbs. Use a small stool with a cushion to personalize your garden workspace.

Make your space look cozy, by adding a chair or two, or a bench with cushions and a small table. This way you can sit in your comfort zone and admire your patch of green. Don’t forget lighting! This is an important element.

I'm a sucker for solar lights and you get these in all sorts of beautiful shapes and sizes. More importantly, use ample candles too. Let all your creative juices flow. Express your heart and make this space your own. Paint a wall or use ample hanging décor.

Decorate with pillows that compliment your wall. Hand pictures, metallic bells, terracotta bells, chimes and anything that makes you smile. The best way to get lots of little cheap knick knacks is flea markets (at Safa park or on your way to Fujeirah), garage sales (around jumeirah), or dubizzle.

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  1. Harshika has beautiful balcony. Love all terra cotta with greens...She has a beautiful house too...I remember seeing first pic from her house...very nice tips patty about gardening in small balcony.

  2. Innovative and beautiful idea!! The greens look really refreshing.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you Patty, this is such an honour. I am grinning widely since morning. :)

    Thank you to your readers/commentors too. Much appreciated.

  4. Thanks for hosting this party :) and that's beautiful garden in the balcony

  5. Wow i just love this balcony since i am havinng a little space like this. I like the arrangements and love todo similar.

  6. Hi, very beautiful garden. Envy the big space you have Harshika and must say you have done complete justice. Looking forward to take a peek into your house too

  7. What a neat n cute balcony garden!


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