Monday 4 February 2013

Weekly Story ~ wk 1

Hello my lovelies… Are you ready to join the Weekly Story here again? Well… as you join in with your stories… Mondays in February will be focused on Garden Stories..

Personalizing your space is giving it your special touch, inducing it with passion and transforming its character… The same applies to garden spaces.

Do you have a garden area? If you live in a villa in Dubai, the lease agreement confines you to the existing prominent features. Here are a few tips to enhance your space within those limits…

Divide your garden layout into two sections : the parts that will not change, example garage area, tiled floors, patio, driveway, etc… and the area where you will try out your gardening skills. Once this is defined you are ready to start.

Today we focus on accessories. Before making any purchases, measure the space that you are not going to plant in. This will enable you to buy suitable garden furniture like hammock, gazebo, swings, umbrellas, or rattan sofas, etc. Remember larger items like gazebos look fabulous in bigger spaces and bar style seating looks amazing when your space is confined…. And if you’ve got a comfy medium sized lawn, try out an Arabic seating or an easy going bench accompanies with sofas… mix – match and more…

Decorative items like statues, garden gnomes, bottles, clay pottery, pebbles, coloured cushions, etc add oomph to any space. Wind chimes & water features are another must have. These surely add the soothing and relaxing effect to your garden area.

Try illuminating your garden with LED solar lights in different shapes & sizes… from butterflies to flowers, to twinkling fairy lights. Brighten up your space by putting solar fairy lights into an old lantern. This creates magic in the evenings. And while the focus is on eco friendly solar lights… don’t forget tea lights… *smiles* Most importantly stay away from clutter.

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All photographs on this post by Reshma Sharma

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  1. Welcome back with the weekly stories Patty... Been missing it for ages now :)

  2. Hi Patty, I was on a little break from partying in Blogland, with only very infrequent posts. Back now and doubly excited to see Weekly Stories back too :)

    Fun time begins!

  3. Happy New year to you Patricia. I know its late, but its better late than never isn't it. I am back here after a looooong time. Feels good to view what others who participate here have been up to. Have a great week ahead.

  4. Hi Patricia,It was fun reading your weekly story.This time round it's about garden.I'm sure I'll have a lot of ideas from your garden write-ups and photographs!

  5. Thanks for inviting me for the party.
    I love the garden here.
    Frankly speaking i was waiting for this. Sure.... I will post here weekly stories i do.
    Thanks again.

  6. I love the garden and the hanging showed here. But i am living in an flat here at Chennai and my little balcony garden was sent here previsly. So......
    let me think....

  7. Ah...what a perfect start for the day with beautiful garden! You have a wonderful garden Reshma.. :)

  8. Gorgeous Garden....And great to see the weekly stories on colors dekor again!!


  9. Love the garden... so inviting and colourful.
    Thank you so much for starting the Weekly story again. Missed it a lot. :)

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  11. Thank you Patricia for hosting! Have a great week.

    Warmly, Michelle

  12. So good to have your linky back..its one of my favorites and such lovely garden pictures you have shared
    PS : Please do turn off word verification but enable comment moderation to prevent spam.
    Dr Sonia

  13. Thanks for sharing the pics Patty :)
    A big thanks to everyone for liking my garden :)

  14. A well-cared for garden...loved that corner with beautiful chair...!


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