Monday 11 February 2013

Weekly Story ~ wk 2

So am back on the topic of gardens again...

With a few emails from people asking... some asking... I dont have garden pics to link in... Well then.. Go on and link some old pics... even better... just link anything on your blog... *smiles*...

A few more emails asking me 'so what happens to us?'... 'we have no garden'...

*sigh*.. How I wish I could find some pics of my little balcony to show you how a cozy pretty garden can be maintained even in a little balcony... Nonetheless... joining us today on Colours Dekor is Surabhi Mehrotra... sharing pics of her balcony... *smiles*...

Surabhi shares her story on how she transformed her empty balcony to one with an over dose of pots... to now one transformed into a beautiful and colourful little piece of sunshine.. 

Quick tips for balcony spaces... before we move to Surabhi's story... 

1. Organise differnt sizes and shapes of pots, with a variety of flowers and plants.
2. For small balconies... use creepers to fill up wall space. You can also use hanging plants, money plants, etc... that fall downwards and can be hung of the ceiling.
3. Colouring a wall with a single colour... example yellow or lime green... or even attempting a painting like some simple birds, flowers, stars or even a 'warli' or 'madhubani'... gives the space character.
4. Use lots of garden accents, like gnomes, chimes, bells, bird feeders, stones, pebbles, etc.

Over to Surabhi... 

Just that my hubby & I both love plants a lot and find gardening de-stressing. Initially we kept bringing pots and then realized that very little free space was left in the balcony and it was difficult to keep balcony clean and neat. So we decided to go vertical!! Donated loads of roses to neighbors and painted our dull boring wall to bright sunny yellow as we had flowers in purple, magenta shades. 

As a person also I love bright colours. Dull colours make me sad, so when inside our home we have a sober combo, I thought why not experiment with a bright colour in the balcony. So hubby and I drilled, put up fence and potted creepers… took care of them for a few months… that is now fruitful and our mornings starts with a colourful happy note. 

One thing for sure… I learnt that beside regular care, you need to talk to the plants, put them together in group so they dont feel lonely and if possible play some music. 

Next on our agenda is to add some bird feeder, bird house and a bird bath and some lights. 

Surabhi is an HR & textile professional, took a break and now has a small venture… 
called "Surabhi Ka Pitara"

I totally love how the yellow wall looks... simply impressive!!

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  1. Awesome garden Surbhi, yellow wall totally stunning.

    Thanks for hosting patty, linking up though not garden related. May be will link up some old post.

  2. Beautiful post...lovely garden and really nice and creative use of the space. Greenery sure can make a big difference to the home.

  3. Thank you so much Patty for featuring it <3 <3

  4. I am so so very proud of you Surabhi. Your creativity is an inspiration.


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