Monday 8 July 2013

The Weekly Story ~ wk 23

I honestly thought July was going to be a quieter month... being the holiday season and with Ramadan around the corner... *sigh*.. I was soooooooo wrong!! I've been bussier than ever.. at work there always seems to be so much to do.. at home.. keeping my girlies entertained is a full time job.. LOL.. Yes.. it really is!! Thankfully.. my mom does it part time.. Bless.. Thank God for mommy...

Anyway.. on another note.. Did I tell you I went of on this mental excursion to a warehouse in Ajman.. Well.. I found a mental friend to take me there...

It was a total junk warehouse.. and I found some treasure.. *smiles*.. This is what I picked up...

and this is what I've made of it... I like the idea of storing spare cushions & mats at a place where you can pick them up.. and use them.. What do you think??

Do you think it would look better as a side table? Well... I'll leave this for a while.. and that'll be project next.. 

I spent all of Thursday and Friday ... cleaning and de-cluttering.. on Friday.. I started the day at 05.30am... and finished by 8pm.. from the kitchen to the kids rooms.. to cabinets and floors.. I was so exhausted at the end.. and had such a bad back ache... that I simply crashed.. 

No... don't laugh!! :)

And here are two pics.. of making the house all pretty *smiles*..

The pic of top is from a village called 'Baitul'.. and a special friend got it for me.. However, I think this prety lady is rather lost in the midst of the sofas... 

So I know.. I've been promising to visit you for a while... But I don't have any time this week.. but promise to pop by this month.. for sure!! :)

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  1. It is amazing to read how you get so many things done. With my little one around, my house always seems to be filled with clutter! Love the way you have stored your mats and cushions. The anitque urn looks so beautiful this way.

  2. loved, loved loved this post Patty! tell us what you used on the pot - was it polished to bring out the natural color, or was it painted?

  3. But your hardwork paid dear. Looks so pretty. wounderful idea.
    glittering, nice and so so.
    How is the backpain now?

  4. Urn ki to kaya palat ho gayi after cleaning process. Its new and so shiny! Beautiful way to keep cushions and stuff in it.

  5. I love the idea. And I did write a weekend post, something very simple we did this weekend, but may be I should link it here :)

  6. Wow Patty, can't believe you you transformed the. Copper vessel. I like how u have used it.

  7. Lovely post and photos! Always nice to see something old restored and used again. Do tell us how you polished this big urn. Polishing brass is a headache and while the lime-salt combination works for me, I don't know if you can use it for such a large item. So let us know!


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