Wednesday 3 July 2013

a dreamy home

In the next few posts... Im taking you to Pooja's home... 'a dreamy little home'

I’m Pooja, a graduate in commerce, fashion merchandising and passed out of a finishing school. Basically I’m a dreamer and live in a dreamland largely inspired by Bollywood. Coming to my dream house I always imagined a place, which would be all smiles love and happiness. So when immediately after my marriage when I discovered there is a place in lonavala (small hill station near Mumbai) just bought and kept for sakes by my family I expressed my desire to convert it into something liveable as I didn’t have anything meatier to do my family agreed to give the responsibility to me without a question of what am I going to do.

And from that day onwards till next 6 month I would eat sleep think only interiors. Subscribed to all the interiors magazine, read lot of stuff on net, visited all the exhibitions in town. Made a vision book kind a thing and started to work on that house which is now a small beautiful wonderland.

It’s a 3000 sq ft structure having 4 rooms, living area, kitchen and a small garden area.
My main inspiration behind the conversion was to make it warm cozy and filmy.

Im sure the sneak peek into this home.. has left you wanting to see more.. Just like me!! *smiles*


  1. Wonderful Pooja and what a dreamy home it is...Truly..!!

  2. I want to see more..........
    I like the little pretty Garden and the hangings much.

  3. need a complete tour plzzzzzzzzz :)

  4. great work pooja loved it and so well presented..........sheer hardwork


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