Wednesday 10 July 2013

a dreamy living room

and now.. moving onwards to the living room... of Pooja's home... *smiles*

Living room is divided into 2 parts the sitting area facing the mountains and the dinning area. I was a little adamant about the fact that this area shouldn’t be polluted by noise movies or any distraction so after a lot of coxing my husband we decided to stay in nature and ban the cable connection. Main feature of the area is the predominating red wall, which has number of inspirational frames of different sizes. All the frames have life realizations but in a sweet and a funny way nothing heart hitting or make it more authentic we added a Turkish lamp above the diwan.

*sigh*.. now doesn't that look dreamy... 

and these are the lights to go upstairs... 

Do you want to go upstairs?? Do you? That'll be next week then... *smiles*


  1. Very cozy and colorful. Love it. Waiting to see the rest of the pictures.

  2. your comments are much better than the home ..home is okkkk

  3. i love this house its so cozy and completly hand made nothing artificaial loved the entire tour......great work


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