Friday 26 July 2013

Six Senses Zighy Bay

Zighy Bay is a part of Oman, so don't forget to carry your passport... 

As you drive away from the hotel reception and towards your hotel room... you instantly have the calm and relaxed feeling... 

just outside our room... *smiles*

This post is surely going to be longer than expected.. coz I simply have to show you all the gorgeous spaces of this room.. 

The note from the hotel.. left in this wooden holder.. *stunning*

This is the study table... in the old style... 

The recycled books.. had the menus and the hotel listings.. Impressive isnt it?

The bedroom area of the little villa.. 

The broom... *smiles*... the little lamp... on the bedside table.. 

a note to clean our room and change the linen... 

I love the use of colours.. and specially orange... so I got an orange based room.. *smiles*

The way to the baths... 

The outside shower... Isn't this stunning... 

The sinks.. with the lantern hanging.. 

Now... back into the living room... 

The bell to call our butler.. Now thats what I call.. being spoilt.. 

I love the use of lights.. and here is something I instantly fell in love with.. 

Do you love this brick kind of feel ... Would you take this to your home?? *sigh*.. Wouldn't that be magical.. 


  1. Right now I envy you Patty :) LOVED LOVED this place. A must-visit on my places to visit before I die :)

  2. That is absolutely beautiful and stunning! :)


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