Wednesday 24 July 2013

a dreamy bedroom

You've seen Pooja's living room....and the gorgeous red room... now we move onwards to a few little dens in the house... 

Ground floor room is mom dads room so it’s simple yet close to nature. Also the window opens to the extended garden. So birds flew in while we were painting it;)

Couples paradise as we call it. It’s got a beautiful low rise bed with 2 big French windows opening to a small terrace garden. There are lot of small and sweet things in here 
1st my fav sticker of love birds above the bed 
2) Coffee table with bird cage a above it ideal for a romantic coffee sip
3) Shady ideas patent Buddha lamp 

Are you drooling over this idea??? Are you?

Well I have two more rooms to show you... *smiles*


  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Waiting to see the other rooms dear.

  2. i love love love the birds on the walls.... is it really a sticker or is it painted?


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