Monday 1 July 2013

The Weekly Story ~ wk 22

And its time for another weekly story.. I know I haven't visited you for long.. But will be doing so for sure!!

As though my life was less busy, I've started pottery classes as well.. These are my three pots.. *sigh*.. It takes hard-work, dedication and practice... and Im getting there.. one week at a time.. LOL... I soooooooooo enjoy these classes .. I really do!!

On Thursday, I had six kids at home... Such hardwork to keep them entertained.. We went off to the beach, then had breakfast, off to a park for sometime... after which the kids played in the pool for a while.. then they enjoyed themselves on the chalk board area.. Such fun to watch!! We made pizzas for lunch.. and it was time to play in the pool and garden again.. They just do not get exhausted.. 

Saturday... a friend took me to this warehouse in Ajman.. I believe it belongs to the 'Take my junk' people.. It was absolutely junk.... 4 warehouses of junk.... I felt like a little kid in wonderland... There were so many treasures... but literally you had to hunt them from piles of nothing... I got a few things home.. which I'll share with you over the week or so... 

One of them is this book ... published in 1976 and purchased in 1977... *sigh*... I was ever so thrilled... 

And I got this... it looked like junk.. I've done one round of cleaning... but it still needs more I think... Im not sure what I'm going to do with this... but I loved it so much that I had to get it home.. And for AED 30... I couldn't think twice.. *smiles*

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  1. Wow I wud lv to join pottery too...ur second piece s so cute!! All d best n hope to see more f ur work soon :) Cheers!!

  2. You can place a indoor palm plant inside it and keep it near by to the steps or to corner of living room! it will look gr8 :)

  3. Wow I wud lv to learn pottery making some day :) ur second piece is too cute...u planning to paint it n place it in one f ur beautiful corners?

  4. Smitha Mascarenhas1 July 2013 at 18:59

    Hi Patricia,
    I love the container you bought from 'Take my junk'. Brass isn't it and it is a treasure for AED 30. If I had it, I would display a nice palm plant in it in the living room

  5. Pottery Class sounds great. All the best !

    Thanks for hosting .

  6. If I am not mistaken, you had been wanting to do pottery wince long!! Have fun :)

    And that huge brass thing looks marvelous! Great buy.

  7. Pottery cool is that...!!...Would definitely like to try it out one day...;)...And Patty I should say this that I really really loved that chalk board idea of yours in that staircase area...I'm surely gonna use this idea in one of my coming interiors projects...;)...Hope you won't mind me stealing your idea...;)...


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