Friday, 17 February 2012

Udai Villas, Rajasthan

I have been forever planning a holiday to Rajasthan. Somehow, it just doesn’t seem to happen. I’m in the mood for going on holiday!!! Yes! I’m only going on a couch tour and am living in the land of sand, music, colours and havelis….. I am fascinated by the architecture of these ancient but alive palaces.

Havelis have always called me. Even the images seem to talk to me! My Indian roots are somehow connected to them ! However, the route to get here seems a bit blurred.

In the next few posts, I will be sharing with you a few havelis that I have come across. There are fanciful renditions of elephants, flowers and other paintings on abandoned walls – a work of art by artists never heard of.

Can you image how these havelis looked during their heydays?? Some of these are more than 300 year old. Most of these historic houses are locked up and abandoned or sold to some international hotel chain.

Sadly modern lifestyle doesn’t allow us to pause and listen to the tunes that these havelis used to play.

The remarkable architecture and artistic legacy obviously lies in grave danger. The paintings on the walls have surrendered to time… but the majestic doors, windows and pillars still live in their glories.

These home are obviously treasures worth saving!! I honestly don’t think the owners realize how blessed they are for living in a party of history and for owning an extremely unique resource.

Someday… I’ll have a haveli as well!

The first one I'm going to show case is the Udai Villas, by far the best property in Rajesthan. It truely captures the romance and splendor of the royal era.

The rooms are out of this world !! I love the window seat or baitak in this picture. I'm already sitting there and sipping my cup of tea!

The fabulous and majestic bath ! I'm now going back to the desert... I'm sure there is more to see there as well!


  1. It's awesome...that it can look so traditional and regal on the outside...and on the inside you've got the most modern stuff...I loved the window seat and the sun shaped mirrors...shall wait for you to have your own haveli...and the Buddha from Rock On facing the sea!

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  3. What an awsome haveli, Rajasthan is certainly the next place to visit.. on my list.. I always have planned in the past but some-how things didn't work out :-(

  4. Hi..i am rajasthan. so happy to see here pics of my state. You will going to have wonderful expierence of your lifetime here. Do visit Udiapur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaipur, Ajmer. You will love to come back here again & again.

  5. I spent many years in Rajasthan....its home for me :-) Hope you get to go on your holiday!

  6. Have heard about this place, a lot,..:) thanks for sharing pics,,,luv the bath and and the window seat,,

  7. nice post


  8. Breathtaking snaps sply havelis... I always wanna visit rajasthan never got a chance lovely post loved it a lottttttt :) can we see all the havelis Wat r the places to be seen at Rajasthan hope u will post the details in ur next post!!!!

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