Wednesday 22 February 2012

...a Painting

It is wednesday and time for another post from Anpu's closet. I am proud that I am on my 3rd week and not breaking the promise made to Patricia. I kinda feel that these posts puts me in a routine and a discipline of doing something creative continously. Be it some painting, playing with clay, or some sewing, some embroidery, gardening falls under "Art" and "Creativity"- a place where I let loose my imagination and do what I I want. So today I am going to share with you a painting that I reproduced from a long forgotton Diwali card. The card carried a beautiful painting by the eminent artist Vrindavan Solanki. I tried to paint something similar...using oils but on paper. Oils on paper! Why paper?...I was just bored of painting on decided to experiment on paper left over from my charcoal paintings....and using onle 1 color, my favorite-Sienna brown. Check them out and let me know, how you like them. This is different from the decorative artwork post that you saw last year...
...the village couple...

...the lady...

...birds together...

Did you like the paintings? There are more charcoals, but will keep them for another post...

Until next wednesday...have a fabulous week. Ciao

~ Anpu


  1. i cant wait to see them in person :)

  2. wow!!! these are greet and you are simply genius :) :)
    perfectly balanced strokes....loved them :)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous.....I like first painting because of its colour.

  4. its amazing..beyond words to explain...I liked them all.

  5. Love the first one! Such talent!

  6. Mind blowing arts sply the lady one!!!!

  7. Personally, the lady is far the best painting, though all of them are awesome too.

  8. Anpu, girl you are too good. I love Patty's ideas and your art work. Just too good.


  9. Awesome paintings n sketches.... U r solo talented Anpu...


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