Thursday 16 February 2012

Blog finds ~ What's Ur Home Story

I'm thrilled to have found 'What's Ur Home Story'... The blog is close to my heart and so many times when I read the posts, I feel as though... its me talking... so much in common!! I'm sure you'll love it too... go on and check 'What's Ur Home Story'... 

I am Vidya, a chemical engineer by training, a financial analyst by profession, an artist by craft, and a decorator by passion. I obsess over a great piece of home decor, art, and tastefully decorated homes.

 Whats Ur Home story started out as a way for me to document everything d├ęcor related that I did at home; I’m sure my friends were getting tired of all the FB updates.  As we have a new home, we have a serious case of the “too new to change” syndrome. Everything I do can be easily implemented in rentals, apartments, townhomes, or anywhere you do not want to get into structural remodels.

I believe that structural features alone don’t define character (yes they do help); it is more about the story the house has to tell, about your family. In our home we tend to mix our Transitional style with our Indian roots.

Our family of 4 fills it with the things we love, that remind us of our culture and heritage, kids’ art work, trip souvenirs…..everything thing that is close to our hearts. I strongly believe that by falling back on something you love and the things that make you who you are, you can add layers of character to your home.
 Whats Ur Home story is the story of how we are making our house a home one chapter at a time.

I sure hope you'll pop into What's Ur Home Story.... and inspire one more blogger!! go on!!


  1. lovely home i liked the lotus, lilly pond near the etrance :)

  2. Beautiful indeed!! shows how much love and care went to this homme!!

  3. Beautiful home. I love the pond with lotus and lilly.
    so nice.

  4. thz the way she nurture her home....

  5. Thanks again Patty for featuring my blog. Thanks Aparna, Amrita, Viji,Nisha, and Sugu for your lovely comments.

  6. lovely home...tastefully done and very to check the blog...


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