Tuesday 7 February 2012

Store Review ~ Indya Kaleidoscope

I bet you've seen 'Indya Kaleidoscope' before... Preethi totally inspires me and I am in awe of her stunning store...

Preethi has set up a beautiful brick-and-mortar (physical) store in Koramangla, Bengaluru  (India). And,  I had to share pictures of her amazing store .. So here we go....

The entryway 

View - outdoors from the indoors

A closeup of the gorgeous antique hall tree

Love her eye for detail 

A closer look at whats in stock!

Drool worthy Tile top colonial rosewood table and the antique brass urli :) 

Urli with a traditional flower arrangement (Kerala style)

Coconut timber products in stock.

Handpainted terracota products - by local artists

Hand painted Wooden boxes 

Antique salt containers

Her mission to revive forgotten Indian art and craft forms and look beyond profits is what makes her venture stand out 

So.... if you are in Bangalore... , you must stop by the store  
IndyaKaleidoscope Arts LLP
194/B, 12th A Main
Koramangala, 4th Block
Bangalore - 560 034

To order online visit her store @ IndyaKaleidoscope  and dont forget her USP- exquisite hand crafted products at reasonable prices!!

For updates about IK - IK on Facebook
Decor ideas and more: IK - the blog
Pictures: courtesy Preethi Prabhu
Post inspired by : Design Enthusiast with special thanks to 'Sudha'


  1. lovely stuff and the entire no frills setting makes one admire the art/ objects in their own merit! Cheers to the effort

  2. glad to see the write up on colours dekor...Preethi needs all the exposure she can get to promote her wonderful venture :)

  3. the hand painted wooden boxes are my fav :)

  4. Ohhh love all the artsy stuff.. Need to drop in this weekend :)

  5. Wow,,,wish I was in Bangalore :)

  6. nice stuff. liked the Handpainted terracota product

  7. awesome.


  8. Drooling, drooling...wish I was in Bangalore so that I can actually see and feel some of these great finds:):)

  9. This is a lovely surprise. I am speechless :) Thank you so much for the lovely review.

  10. Was si impressed with the products sply terra coat paint products n hand painted sodden boxes lovelyyyy n patty u r such a nice person to encourage and supports such a lovely creativity so nice of u..

  11. Lovely stuff...next time have to surely visit this delightful store...

  12. ths s my cup of tea and im soo happy to c such kinda shop to grab them too.....

  13. I will mark this store for my visit..lovely and unique!

  14. next time in blore,will visit her for sure,preethi,wait for me ,laksh

  15. next time in blore,will visit her for sure,preethi,wait for me ,laksh

  16. I've already spoken to Preethi and ordered for a couple of things....thanks Patricia for this post!


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