Wednesday 8 February 2012

Something new from something old...

Post by : Anpu:

...As I start writing this post, I realize, I have not posted on Colors Dekor for a very long time nor have I been active in the Design blogging world. I have missed all of you and your delightful posts on everything fabulously creative stuff that are so inspiring...So without wasting much time, here is my first post for 2012..
Everytime, I visit Mumbai, one of the first things I do, is check out my Amma's cupboard for sarees and silk pieces, that she does not want or can no longer use. All those extra pieces in a saree that is kept aside for making a matching blouse is kept aside and never used...So, I usually end up with these lovely pieces of cloth that can be used in so many different ways.

... One of those of pieces of cloth kept away, was a chequered piece of soft Kashmiri silk in white - dark yellow - orange. I just knew, I had to do something to this piece...probably add some colors...make it bright and colorful...With that idea in mind, I batiked the piece and.. is how my scarf looks now... Bright and full of colors of life. Batik is such pottery, the end result is always unexpected. My cousin Baby had introduced me to the world of Batik many many years ago...and yes, I have walked the streets/lanes of Crawford market in Mumbai searching for those special dyes, waxes and times that one remembers with a smile... are some pictures of the Batiked scarf...ready to be worn... drop in your comment on how you liked the scarf.. Until next week...Ciao!!

~~ Anpu


  1. Looks so good,..colours looking so. Good,..

  2. Brilliant colors, absolutely loved it
    the one thing I like to do with my moms old saris is to make an outfit out of them :)

  3. I loved the way it wraps around the pot so nice and free.. it is beautiful Anpu.. hope the yellow saree doesnt get in to a corner of your trunk :-P.. have missed you.

  4. How wonderful to create something so colourful and unique!

  5. Love the beautiful, so pretty!!

  6. Wow Anpu, that turned out gorgeous! I studied Batik many years ago and love the whole process:)

  7. Anpu...this is so beautiful. can you sometime if u get a chance to show the process...would love to know...

  8. Loved the shades of colours spread on scarf :)

  9. Love the bright colors!

  10. Thanks ToviewToranto...loved the colors myself...brightens up the look..
    Thanks notyet100...
    @Purvi- I have done it only once....checkout next we'd post for some additional ideas...
    @Padmaja- Missed you toooo..hope you are settling well.send me your number...The yellow saree is waiting prob for Ugadi to be worn...:-)
    @Rama- thanks dear...missed you...time for another call..:-)
    @Meera-yes...I love to create...something unique...something very me...
    @design chic- thanks... need to share your batik works...
    @Nayana-sure..will put together something quick and easy
    @Mytri-:-)Thanks kana..


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