Tuesday 28 February 2012

and red is truly for love

You know I've been dreaming of 'RED'... and here is an amazing wall, from an inspiring blog, and an even more inspirational store... 

'Red is for love' comes to an end... so I'm just quickly focussing on a few posts that caught my attention... Hope you liked them too... and am sure hoping your either following these bloggers... or are atleast leaving a comment... Thank you loves!!

Bookmark from Mindful Meandering....

A cute surprise from Home Shanthi Home

What an amazing garland from Viji's Craft

One of my favourites... this girl can change just about anything into a room... from Painting, to Saree to Room... @ Designwali

I thought this was super cute!! Thinking out loud!


  1. love the red wall...with the photographs hanging!!


  2. Have gone thru all the lovely things gr8 n wish next time I could be added for the red party tool ;)

  3. Hi Patty,
    Thanks for featuring my cake!

  4. The red wall alone fascinates me very much! Now I'm thinking of repainting the room with red... I bet that would look sexy and cool!


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