Friday 8 June 2012

Walking around Singapore

I'll be in Singapore this week... hence I thought I'll post about an earlier trip...

The first time, I went to Singapore.. me, myself & I went for a long stroll... with...  my wallet, handbag and camera... I wasnt sure where my feet were taking me... but thought I'll walk for a while and when I'm tired and lost... I'll take a taxi back to the hotel...

So I walked along the river... crossed a colourful bridge... and walked and walked.. and this is what I saw...

I dont know what road, or what street... those posts are for later... Today is just my romantic Singapore post.

I walked for a while, till I stumbled upon this temple... Walked in.. and prayed.. There was no one... you could only hear some chimes, and smell the incense... there was no one...

Then I walked through a few more lonely roads... to get to China Town... I was ever so amused... so I walked around some more... into little shops...

Walking.. and walking.. I came across this temple.. It looks like a Dravidian style temple.. I dont know the name.... or the street... but the temple was beautiful..

And I walked some more... this time, from the temple.. I headed back towards the river... like I knew where I was going...

I must have walked for atleast 4 hours ... it was an awesome experience.. and a great 'me' time...

Then... I stopped... I noticed the parade was about to begin. It was Singapore National Day... I've never seen a parade... except in Disney... so this was a great experience..

Then I got to see the airshow... Oh what joy!!

The young and old... of all nationalities... joined the parade... It was lovely to see so much enthusiams..

The army was there....

The little kid was having a ball...

Some real stunts in the air...

I was totally in awe of the parade... I really was ....

Then I decided to walk back to the hotel... and was amazed by the beauty of the river..

And I got to see a few fire works... What a lovely walk back...

I promise a proper post on Singapore in a few days.... but till then... I'm having a great time here.. I simply loved the place and hope to come back some day....


  1. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. and your banner, beautiful!

  3. I'll be back, I love photos of Asian places and architecture and people.

  4. What a thrilling day this must have been for you. And you definitely walked a lot!!! I run along the same path in the 1st pic, if Iam not wrong , on some Sundays. This is Clark Quay/ Robertson Quay/ Boat Quay link. I believe the places in your 1st 2 pics are closer to Robertson Quay.

    Parades are really exciting and tickets to the show are by way of ballots :). You made me so proud of my country with these pics. Thank you Patricia :).

  5. Hi, nice blog & good post. You have beautifully maintained it,Its really helpful for me, hope u have a wonderful day & awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging!

  6. That's ganesha temple,whenever I go Chinatown. I always visit this temple,,,enjoy ur stay in Singapore:)

  7. Some great photos! I was there in 2005 and these bring back some great memories!!

  8. I have always wanted to visit, you are going to have a fabulous time! Thanks for stopping in my blog and linking up .

  9. oh I could go back to my business trip days in 2006 in Singapore..specially small time spent with loads of shopping memories in china town :)

  10. So cool! Looks like an amazing place! I am especially intrigued by the temple with all the human figure on it. I have never seen anything like that! Going to pin!


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