Thursday 28 June 2012


Today…. is not a store review… But a topic that’s close to my heart…

Is your home ‘internet’ safe for kids? Is it? Although Dubai is safer than any other part of the world… it’s still not completely safe…

Saying that … I’ve now found Securly… and my house is safe!! 

Securly allows parents to make their entire home WiFi network kid-safe in one easy step - blocking adult sites, X-rated videos on YouTube, protecting their privacy on Facebook and blocking inappropriate keyword-searches and pages on Google, Wikipedia etc. Securly was founded by two network security veterans with a combined 17+ years of security experience.
 The founders quit their Sr. Manager and Architect roles at some of the most respected security companies in the world – McAfee, Huawei-Symantec – to form Securly with a mission to make home networks safer for kids.

Do check them out... and like their Facebook page for more ideas... I've never seen anyone answer a question as quickly as these guys... They are super friendly... and awesome to interact with... And if I'm saying this... who is not tech savvy at all... you simply have to beleive me.. 

Sign up for free... and protect your kids today... 

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  1. Hi Patricia
    This was quite a 'concerned' post of yours! Like it as always :)
    BTW I have put the 'Award' post on my blog mentioning about your lovely blog and also done my bit to spread the love around. Thanks !


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