Thursday 7 June 2012

Store Review ~ Craftsvilla

I've turned into an online shopper...... Have you? As part of this new shopping spree I'm on... I'll be taking you to a new store ever so often... 

Today, I found... Craftsvilla

Craftsvilla is an online marketplace for unique handmade products. A husband & wife pair ~ Manoj (IIT, IIM passout) & Monica Gupta are the founders of this organisation. 

The site sells unique handmade items ranging for jewellery, bags, home decor, craft items, paintings, etc to ethnic Indian arts such as Dokra, Meenakari, Bandhani, Jaipur Handicrafts... and so much more!! The range is simply impressive!! 

The concept of Craftsvilla is to connect consumers directly to their makers, inturn benefit both craftsmen as well as the consumer...

Now... the organization is also actively involved with NGO's and have also started an artisan fund for the well being of artisans and craftsmen. Now isn't that inspiring... 

Go on and tell me what you liked from their store....

I'm totally in love with these cute cushions... and am buying these for my cousins.... Aren't they the cutest??

As for you... I think you should check out the store now.... Go on to Craftsvilla... and let me know what you think.... *smiles*


  1. Lovely collectionsss!!!!

  2. Loved the bangles! Very eye catching :-)

  3. yes, i have turned a big online shopper nowadays!!!

    have heard about craftsvilla and like what you have put up...will definitely give their sit e a dekko...and maybe i will buy something their cow & pig cushion covers a lot!!

  4. Hey thanks for sharing Patty!! on my way to Craftsvilla......

  5. Wao, great..awesome stuff at store..thanks for sharing dear! I will be checking..

  6. hi patty...sorry can i mention u like that or should i say patricia... pls let me know...

    n about craftsvilla.... its a nice collection... wanna buiy so many stuff from dere....thanks for sharing nice stuff

    and do u remember i had asked u about curtains.... well i finally got it done from gramshree org in gujrat...will share pics with u some time n also... inspired from you...archana of rang dekor...rainbow n celebration dekor.... i have started blogging finally n hopefully learn to post some good stuff....
    here is my blog

    cheers to u n ur blog

  7. Nice review. I bought a saree from the website and was really happy with the purchase and their service. I’m willing to a return customer.

    You are welcome to check out my blog and my post about the saree I bought from Craftsvilla. Smile

  8. Very Informative Blog for online shopping.


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