Monday 25 June 2012

The Weekly Story- wk 84

Hello my loves…. Is it ok for me to say… I forgot about the weekly story today?? Well actually… I forgot it was Monday… *sobs*… I really did!!!

Just that I’ve been super busy at work… and have been juggling so much lately… its unbelievable… Sometimes I think, I’ve taken on so much on my plate… so much more than I can eat…. Or even hold… Do you feel that way sometimes…

*sigh*… it’ll calm down.. I sure hope!!

We went to this gorgeous place on Thursday… TWG at Dubai Mall… here are few images… It was me & older daughter… quality time… We ate lavishly… chatted away to glory… and had big girl type giggles and conversations… Oh.. how I’ll miss all this.. when she’s grown up… :-(

They’ve got tea… and tea… and tea cups… and pots… and teas.. and teas.. in all flavours… Flavours you’ve never even thought about.. I had.. the ‘crème brulee’ tea… *smiles* You’ve got to check their site to see the selection of teas… its simply wow!! TWG Tea Company!! 

Here is a pic of the girlies over the weekend… They had a friend over… so were allowed to totally mess up the room. Once the friend left… they sorted, mopped, cleared their rooms.. And then they made dinner for themselves…. ‘macaroni cheese’… and ‘butter cookies’… Was totally thrilled to see my younger kiddo… wash the dishes and then even sort them… keep them neat & tidy and then wipe them dry.. It was a proud mommy moment *smiles*

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  1. Maybe I will remind you of Mondays going forward :) Hope you have a great week ahead

  2. Oh i feel that are not alone!

  3. Oh i feel that are not alone!

  4. Oh i feel that are not alone!

  5. sure had a lovely time.. I love the idea of weekend outing with kids on one o one basis.. that's how we can become their friends!!!

  6. Ha Ha yes I can understand how prod you must have felt!


  7. Hi Patricia,You've put it across so well....there are times when I feel totally breathless....feel that I've got too much on my plate!Loved the images of the lovely teapots and mugs!And your two daughters look so adorable....working in the kitchen!

  8. Drooling looking at those macarons,,,:)

  9. Your kids are adorable and you should indeed be proud of them! :)

    I see a really pretty tiny chest on the kitchen counter with beautiful draws (pic in which your daughter is grating cheese)...curious to know what you store in them?? :)


  10. Lovely post, as always! I have been missing out! The tea cups are gorgeous! You will have new moments to cherish as the lil one grows up :)...

  11. Beautiful post...Lovely girls:)

  12. cute little kidoos...awsome post

  13. Thank god the linky opened, I thought I had a glitch in the computer! Lovely macaroons Patty, v jealous that you got to eat them

  14. You are so lucky Patty, u have not one but two daughters:), loved the post.


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