Tuesday 5 June 2012

Made with Love ~ June

"There isn't much that I can do, 
but I can share an hour with you, 
and I can share a joke with you....
as on our way we go." 
~Maude V. Preston

Do you have good friends? Do you really? I do!! I'm blessed... I have a few good friends and a few of them I even call family... I can spend hours with these people... talking about random things... gossiping about our families... sipping our coffees or teas... having a laugh... Sometimes, we don't even talk any sense... 

Now... the 'Made with Love' linky is all about 'me' time... Truth is... I have to steal a few minutes the day... and call it my 'me' time... Its extremely difficult to find this so called 'me' time!! Most days, this is the time, I spend with you (on blogger)... yes.. that's my 'me' time... Some other day, I friends for a coffee, dinner or movie and create some 'me' time... 

Now in June, a small part of my heart came to visit me during her school break *smiles*... Ramie was here from Bangalore and we spend a lot of time together... shopping, talking, gossiping, laughing and even painting our nails.... *smiles*

Here is when she painted 'angry birds' on my nails... Using red, white, black and orange nail paints... and a tooth pick to put everything in shape... This is how it looked... What do you think?

Kala's posts on Nail art have always inspired me... Check out her posts here : Nail art1 and nail art2 ..

Below.. is a picture of Ramie's happy holiday nails... *smiles*... Aren't they the cutest?

So, I sure hope you are ready to link in to 'Made with Love'... We had 95 entries last month... and these three caught my attention.... Did you like them too? If you haven't visited them as yet... go on and check these out... and be inspired.. Don't forget to comment and don't hesitate to follow *smiles*

Chalk board paint wine bottle @ Ethically Chic

Baby face cup cakes @ a creative project

Quilled train card @ Life's little treasures

Now... I'm soooooooooooooooo looking forward to you all joining the 'Made with Love' party... Here are the guidelines..

Watch out for party highlights on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter!!


What can you share? 

  1. Your own creation please!! ~ Art in ‘any’ form – a DIY, a craft, a before-and-after project, your photography, home decor, painting, sewing, quilting. 
  2. Food – a savoury, dessert, a meal, any delicacy that you made for your family, friends, yourself 
  3. Music or Poetry – It can be a video of a song you sang, a dance performance, a recital 
  4. Literary Work: Stories, poetry, songs, ‘ghazals’
  5. Any other creations... 
  6. And please share only 2 posts in a month... 

Who can share? 

  1. Doesn’t matter if you are a mom or not, a dad or not, married, unmarried – any of you can share your creation.
  2. Bloggers or non bloggers – there’s no restriction. I know there are so many of you who love to create but may not have a blog. 
  3. So, to celebrate the 'me' within you... share your creation via a link on your blog, facebook account, flickr stream, a pinterest page (let me know if you want an invite!) or even your online photo gallery! or simply email me on coloursdekor@gmail.com and I can do a post for you... 
Oh.. and I promise to show case two (make that three) of my favourite linkys in next months party...

Now... I host this party along with three inspiring people :  Rainy Day Mom, The Magic of Play and Mommy Lab ... Now go on and say 'hello' to them as well... *smiles*

Colours Dekor


  1. Please come and do my nails also! Beautiful :)

  2. cute , cute nail art :)
    And thank you soooooo much for liking my post on made with love...bear Hug:)

  3. Cute nail art,love the Angry bird one........

  4. wonderful nail art..never seen such before..i too luv the angry bird!

  5. I am Soooo sooooo happy that u have inspired from my blog!!u made my day :) and ur so lucky to have such a good friends..enjoy the me time

  6. Thank you for the heads up on the link! Can't wait to check everyones out.

  7. Take a bow! stunning nail art!

  8. Amazing!!so pretty!! Thanks for featuring my cupcakes!!Yippeee!!


  10. It has been a while since I linked up. Thank you for hosting, Patty. Pretty nail art.


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