Thursday 21 June 2012

Store Review ~ Aporv

Thursday’s store find *smiles*… Yes.. another Thursday, another store…

Today, Its … an online destination for Indian Handicrafts. Aporv (pronounced a-poor-v) means Unique in Sanskrit!! Like its name, tries to bring the Unique creativity from Indian artisans and designers to the global audience through this online platform.

Aporv was launched on 5th June 2010, on the World Environment Day. Which means, that they’ve only completed two years…. Since then has partnered with thousands of artisans across India and brought their creativity to the global audience.

Today, Aporv partners with artisans, NGO's, SHG's and designers and brings their hand crafted products to the global audience. 

Do visit their facebook page… to keep yourself updated with their latest products.. ... Read more about them in their News section

What impressed me the most is that all their products are only handcrafted and eco-friendly. Now isn’t that impressive.. They truly have an amazing range of creativity inspired from India. 

Aren't the colours gorgeous.... 

Do hop over to Aprov and let me know what you think of them …. *smiles* .. I’d love to know… what was your favourite product in their store?


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