Wednesday 6 June 2012

Fine Art decor...

Hello quickly a week has gone by... Between work, family visits, entertaining and other activies, I am yet to start on my art work. Probably will start on a painting...over the weekend. Speaking of paintings, I mostly create my own, and have also made some reproductions. But in recent years, I have started collecting paintings that strikes my eye. Some from the students of JJ school school of Art,..some during my travels, from my lovely friend/sister, our very own Padmaja Madhu.  So when my very own SanthanaKrishnan painting finally arrived last week, I was extremely excited! When my dear friend Divi ( Divya Rajan of SHP featured Mr Santhan Krishnan in her post Doors only please...I fell in love with those gorgeous painted doors! And then one day, during our marathon talking sessions, we decided to buy a painting each. I have to say this, Mr Doors is one of the nicest individuals and very easy to talk to. He dropped the painting, all bubble wrapped at my friends place in Chennai, and my friends parents carried it all the way to Atlanta...
Here is the picture of the painting...I am still finding a place for the 'Door'...

One of Padmaja Madhu's painting...

I fell in love with this painting of Jesus and picked it at Budapest...

Did you like the paintings?...Do share the paintings you have at home...we would love to see them.
Adios until next wednesday


  1. Hi I love your door it is unique

  2. Hi, Pretty "door"
    I love the brass ornamental villakku.

  3. i love your painted door and brass aarathi and basket pot and whatnot..the idea of converting old door into a wonderful paintframing was superb!

  4. I knew that one day, you will have one of these door paintings when I saw the post on Divya's blog and it came true!It is so beautiful. The feeling that is in my heart to see you cherish my painting cant not be expressed in words and I am grateful to you for that :-)

  5. Hi, Nice door by Santha. Have been following your blog for long time. First time i am leaving a comment. Have always loved reading your posts.

    Incidentally, Divya is my friend from MBA in Chennai and Mr.Shankar Adisesh who delivered the parcel to you was my colleague and am a fan of his photographic collection. Nice to link back to you through my friends.

  6. Door is a very unique art piece,thanks for sharing Patty....

  7. I love the door..i had seen the SHP post too :)


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