Wednesday 20 June 2012

Garden love...

 Summer is here and plants everywhere are thriving...I love to be in the garden, planting, weeding,...generally soaking in the greens...

Patio corner
Marigolds blooming...

The China doll plant...
Roses in full bloom...

the varigated colours in leaves add so much life to the patio...

another corner...

Last weekend, my friends' dad and myself visited a nearby nursery...Shankar Uncle had a great time taking his "Macros" pictures of the flowers. Now while he was taking his specialized photographs, I wandered around, and purchased some plants and a "tulsi" pot.....Will be sharing a post on Uncle shortly, the meantime sharing some random shots taken from my iphone...

Hope you enjoyed the flowery post...


  1. We just went to the nursery this evening and picked up a few new plants for our garden! Isn't it so much fun?

    You're plants look just gorgeous!!

  2. very fresh pics and post Anupu :)

  3. Beautiful pics Anpu... Lovely space... especially love the first pic... !!

    The plants with the variegated leaves are called Coleus... They are found in many varieties.. !!

  4. Oh I'm totally lost. Loved all the greens and colorful blooms. Nice garden.

  5. WoW.. Color full Blooms... Its a great treat to see the colorful blooms. I am a Craft blogger and i post them on

    i will be happy to get the comments from a creative people like you and if you like my creations, please hit follow:)

  6. Anou,

    Your garden is so pretty. Can you tell where you got the papyrus plant from? I've been looking for one for my container water garden.

  7. Lol... I'm so left handed. I meant Anpu. Sorry


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