Thursday 20 January 2011

Birthday Card Art

I'm rather glad that most of our family friends in our little circle have daughters - for the fact that I can indulge in my passion for art and also create birthday cards for these little girls :-D Last week, I made this card with Dora as a theme. My son, who absolutely adores Dora, happened to have a Nick Jr. toothpaste he is using currently, which has Dora's picture on it. I decided to replicate the same for the card. I'll let the pictures do the talking :)
At this point I realized that Dora is Hispanic, so I had to do true justice to the colour of her complexion...
Oh and the birthday girl LOVED my little effort !! She was so excited and kept showing the card off to everyone :) :)


  1. Cute! :) My daughter would love a dora card too! .. will make 1 with her today.

  2. My DD would love it. Actually right now we are making a B'day card for her grandmother, my MIL...

  3. Beautiful work, I lake it!!!

  4. my child vl love it...nice art

  5. I like and even my nephew liked it soo much when I showed it to she wants a handmade invite only :D


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