Saturday 22 January 2011

Colour of the month ~ Green

H’lo there!

Welcome to the first in our ‘Colour of the month’ series – our focus for this month is Green – the most vibrant colour of our Mother Earth!

"Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises." --Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Spanish Poet and Playwright, 1600-1681

There are many facets to explore when dealing with colours on an individual level – the effects they have, their usefulness in décor; whether in big chunks or just a dash, here and there, their symbolism – the list is endless.

The colour green is one of the most soothing, youthful, harmonious and optimistic colours of the spectrum and when used in a room; whether on the walls, cushions, furniture or candles – it makes a statement; either in bold or subtle tones. It’s one of those colours that you just can’t go wrong with!

Light green hues create a fresh and spacious feel in rooms, while darker shades are generally used in offices as it is meant to increase productivity and concentration.

Some favorite combinations with green are:

Green-Yellow: creates an ambience of optimism and looks beautiful especially during the day-time. For example, when a white sofa is highlighted with a few pale green cushions and a lighter shade of yellow throw, one can’t help but feel that the room has a cheery look to it.

Green – Brown: a more dramatic turn to the color, brown is used with darker shades of green or olive green, to create a warm, inviting, earthy feel. This combination is more of a favorite and can be found in several homes due to the ease with which furniture can be found in shades of dark brown.

Green – Blue: this proves to be a more rarely found combination and does quite the opposite of the 2 above. It gives out a cooler, more energetic vibe; almost like that one would find at a Mediterranean beach – totally energized and ready to have some fun!

If you’d like to see a big patch of green in a room, be sure to use a rug – it makes for a lovely conversation piece as it’s not a color a lot of people generally choose. Alternatively, if you’d like to pepper a white and yellow room or a brown and red room with a few green accessories – you can’t go wrong with some of Colour Dekor’s favorites – cushions, candles and table top arrangements!


  1. Hi Patricia!
    Just as I was thinking about a green post.. you go green! Lovely post..

  2. Lovely post, Rose. You must blog more often! That first pic is really nice - whose home is it?

  3. wow..Amazing post!! I used to think it is pretty bold and hard to match with other colors. But you have certainly changed my mind!!

  4. Green is my DD's favourite color alongside purple.

    I love olivey green & emerald green!

    Nice snaps! I loved the color combo on the wooden bell in the last pic!

  5. Love green--green and orange are the colours that shout out to you when you enter my home! Love the first picture. Whose home is that?

  6. Lovely post, Rose..Harshi love the wall, it came out great

  7. Lovely post Rose! Who's home is that 1st pic? Absolutely lovely? Did the person handmake (DIY) those silk buds in the vase? Would love to know more and maybe an email ID?

  8. such pretty pictures. Though I have never really tried infusing green color at home..this post is convincing me to. Is that your home Rose? Its gorgeous.


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