Tuesday 4 January 2011

In the Spotlight ~ Walls with Character

In the Colours Dekor Spotlight for the months of January & February, are ‘Walls with Character’.

So if you have a wall that you’ve made your own – in terms of paint, frames, paintings – this is where you give it it’s due. *smiles*

I’ll start this series with a few pictures from my old home. The Peacock wall still remains so very close to my heart… I wish to replicate it in my new home… like I said, 2011 is going to be fun!

In terms of painting, I’d love to see it all - be it a wall mural, wall stickers, stencils, a complete painted wall or a small section – send it in!

When it comes to everything else and all the other ideas that all you creative minds out there have … I’m basically looking for walls that ooze personality… so this can be a wall with lots of eye candy - frames & paintings in a group, strategically arranged shelves, newspapered walls – I leave it to you and your imagination that I have come to so admire. Linking this into Chic on a Shoestring Decorating and Show & Tell Friday

I love vibrant walls… and would love to see how the walls in your home look!! Email .. me on torresp27@hotmail.com


  1. Happy New Year Pat! That's a lovely idea, will send in my entry for sure.

  2. Thank U :). I wish u the same... Nots ure if u read this post of mine.... http://meenasspace.blogspot.com/2010/12/year-that-was.html

    U hv a special mention there... Thank You again! It was enriching to meet u in this space


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