Tuesday 25 January 2011

Weekend Wrap Up ~ Pets and Pets ~ Shanthi

Friday evening Anna ( my pet) – the munchkin u saw on my Diwali post came for a sleepover to spend some time with her pet Pepper. Who is this Pepper? – I have not talked about till now J. Here he is ….. our 7 year old rabbit - that Shreya one day brought home, which amazingly became a part of our family. Pepper was too excited with Anna’s visit and was jumping in and out of her bed crawling all over her, playing hide and seek and refused to sleep in its cage :-) the result it had curled up alongside Anna in her bed. hmmm…… the downside - waking all of us by 6.00 AM on Saturday morning with their hulla gulla. Mid day saw us in a mall in search of a suit for my son for his 9th grade ball in the school. Oh Boy!!! That was not easy J. I tell you it’s much much easier to do a girl shopping. At dinner in Anna’s house Sven served us a traditional Norwegian dish called PinneKjøtt – YUMM YUMM !!!! just loved it and promised to give him an equally delicious Indian meal :-). Salted and cured Lamb made for Christmas in western part of Norway served with mountain potatoes and pureed swede. A must try dish for those of you who eat non-veg , when you visit Norway or any Scandinavian country . Anna was having fun playing with Camilla (her pet hamster) while we curled up around the warm and cosy fireplace with our tea cups and a galore of deserts. Sunday was bright and shining and we set out on our usual loooong walk and I bought a real treasure from this farm house store that I frequent J. Another day and another spectacular sun set. Planning to watch the movie Dhobi Ghat this week. Did anyone see it? , any reviews?? Good news to those of you in Mumbai. Ritika Mittal of Mora will be presenting her dream creations at Kala Ghoda arts festival from 5th to 13th February and here is the link to it. http://www.slideshare.net/mittalritika/mora-kgaf-2011 Have fun.... ~~ Shanthi


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