Saturday 8 January 2011

Walls with Character – Art Grouping Tips

1. Mix frame styles and colours. Use two colours… or a dash of colour. example, if all your frames are brown, have two red ones somewhere!! This makes the wall more attractive.

2. Mix paintings, prints and photography to create visual interest.

3. Add a few non art things – example - giant letter. But that is rather common so think of other non-art things you could add to the mix.

4. Collect all the frames or art objects that you want in one grouping or on one wall.

5. Lay your grouping on the floor and move things around until they look right.

6. Think of a large rectangle or square or diamond shaped and work within that outline. Alternatively, use masking tape to make an outline and arrange and rearrange and rearrange your frames in there, till you are happy!!

7. Take photos of your different layouts so you don’t forget which one you like best.

And once you are done…. don’t forget to email me a photograph of your wall with character at

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  1. THose tips are really gonna be useful for everyone... Waiting to see your wall... Hope you have hung all those frames shown in the post..!!!

  2. now thts an b=v useful earning... I was literaaly re-reading this nailo biting attention so that I soak this in ..... Thts a beautiful collection u hv there!!

  3. Now I know what am I gonna do with ma wall in the bedroom... Butrt when is a million dollar q :-D

  4. nice tips indeed! i will work on one wall of my new house :) soon...

  5. i have been planning on doing this wall art thing for some time now...did a small one grouping of 4 in one of the walls, but now thinking of framing some of my travel photos.....
    thanks for the tips...and oh!!..happy new year!!!

  6. I lake it,very nice work!!!
    Have a nice weekend.

  7. You did it! A pic wall...awesome! Great tips, and thanks for sharing!

  8. You did it! A pic wall...awesome! Great tips, and thanks for sharing!

  9. Fabulous Post,Patricia !!! Love the tips and suggestions and thanks for sharing--am linking it up on twitter :)

  10. been wantng a collage on a wall myself..the one behind the sofa..thanks muchas for this patty!

  11. Can;t wait to see the final look...i love picture walls and i am guilty of having it in 3 of our rooms :)

  12. Boogieboard Cottage12 January 2011 at 21:27

    Thank you for linking up to Masterpiece Monday. Your art grouping tips look great! Mary :O)


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