Friday 21 January 2011

The Friday Mix ~ of Peacocks and Paisleys

Yay!! Its a Friday again!! and its time for the Friday Mix... which is a blog swap.. Are you excited to see a new blog?? Do you wish to blog swap with Colours Dekor? Email me on!! Today I'm blog swapping with another of my favourite blog friend & blog... of peacocks & paisleys... Hop on to her blog and you'll know quickly why this blog is one of my favs!! *smiles*
Hello all you lovely Colours Dekor fans!! I'm Gagan and I blog over at "Of Peacocks and Paisleys...", and I'm so thrilled to be here today, sharing bits n' pieces from my life!! The introduction first: like many of you I wear several hats at one, wife, daughter, sister, friend..... which I like to juggle around with dreamer, consultant, confidant, believer, achiever, connoisseur, cleaner, chef, manager, chauffeur, butler, hostess with the mostest, story-book reader and tucker-iner, accountant, girl-next-door (who's rapidly turning into aunty-next-door(!!!!) ROFL!!, amateur gardener, shoveler, car mechanic (ok, I know how to change that spray fluid thingy, but since I'm plumping up my resume, why not mention it? :D), planner, plotter(!!), superwoman-wannabe, superwoman for-a-day, party planner...... you get the picture? I also think I'm heeelarious (you don't have to agree here!) :D ), but I cry like a baby for sad (and not-so-sad) movies... When I'm not doing the juggling act, I like to gussy up the crib.....
which at times involves some DIYing.......
When I'm not involved in decorating pursuits, I like to cook up a storm (I love trying new recipies!!!)
When I'm done gorging cooking and my quest for the next design project is over, I like to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea..........
Because that's what makes all worthwhile in the end!!!
How did you like the whirwind tour of my life? Why don't you come over sometime? There's always something brewing over at P&P.......
Dear, dear Patty, Thank you for inviting me. This was such a blast!


  1. Oh Gagan! I love your life. Pls. I am taking up your invitation and coming over right away! :)

  2. Gagan: a well rounded person, I envy you. You seem to be doing so many things, and doing them well too.

  3. Nice knowing the various facets of a Super Woman :)This post was a visual treat, enjoyed reading it..

  4. Supert!!!! darling it was so much fun reading your post and getting to know you more. One more feather to ur resume - U r a great writer too and a fun loving charmer.

  5. Gagan, you are most certainly a superwoman:-) Superb pictures!!

  6. im a moneyplant lover...bagging a gud idea from u of keeping flowers with it...amazing idea

  7. Thanks girls!!

    @Tanvi: not sure if you'll like it so much if you have to live it , LOL!! but come on over Gagan da dhabha is open for visitors..... :)

    @Rama di--this is what every woman I know does everyday. I just made it sound fancy! ;)

    @Sharon: yeah superwoman gets old pretty fast--it's that day after the superwoman thingy that's scary. Now f I could have my cake and eat it too.......... :)

    @Shanthi: Danke!(not the right language, I know--teach me how to say it in Norwegian?)

    @Anu: If only you know the whole picture. ;) Thank you!

    @Nisha: be sure to only put in fresh flowers if you're growing the moneyplant. Sometimes older flowers have decay or fungus and it might spoil your nice healthy moneyplant!

    Patty my sweet, thank you--this was fun! :)

  8. GB - save me some of those parathas and raita....I;m on my way!

  9. i just love this super lively woman (oops girl)!

  10. fun fun fun! loved reading your post & knowing you more.


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