Tuesday 25 January 2011

yum in a jiffy

Another new monthly series... 'yum in a jiffy'.... Hope you'll enjoy it!! Let me know what you'd like to see here.. This week we have Richa who is based in Dubai, with her recipe... Let me know if you'd like to contribute to this series... Email me on torresp27@hotmail.com

We all have our favourite foods which we can make just in 20-30 minutes when we are hungry even if the vegetable stock in the fridge is finished. Well my favourite is Kaali Dal Khichdi. The plus point of this dish is that it is very easy to prepare, doesn't take much time and also no cutting of vegetables as nothing goes into the recipe. And its really healthy food and very yummy to eat. So do try your hands on it..read on to know how.


Split Black gram or Urad dal half a bowl

A glass full of rice

Two spoons of ghee

Salt and Red chilly as per taste


Put two spoons of ghee in a pressure cooker and then add half a bowl of split black gram to it after washing it. Add half a glass water to it and let it boil. Cover the cooker and let it whistle twice so that the gram softens. Turn off the gas and open the cooker once it stops whistling completely. Put a glass full of rice after they are washed properly into it. Add two glasses full of water with some salt and red chilly as per taste. Cover the cooker once again and let it whistle a couple of times and turn the gas off. Open the cooker only when it has stopped whistling completely. Kaali Dal Khichdi is ready!!! You can have it with mango pickle or curd or even just like that. Enjoy!


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