Monday 31 January 2011

Weekend Wrap Up 16

Aaahh.. the thought of my lovely long weekend.. *sigh* I so wanted it to stay.. I’m writing this post just before I head to work today… and I know the week ahead is so so busy  Anyway… after our Republic Day celebrations, Thursday night and Friday was a winding down session…. We didn’t do much… but we still have so much to do.. Saturday afternoon we headed off to Ras Al Khaimah… which is a few hours away from Dubai for a three day wedding.. The Al Hamrah fort is a gorgeous hotel… and we had a fabulous time There was lots of singing, dancing, pretty outfits, well done hair.. above all a roller coaster of emotions… Weddings are so so lovely… I believe the party didn’t stop till 6am… but I had to call it a day by 4am!! Sunday was blissful.. It was lovely not to go to work… and take some good rest.. We headed off to the spa… for some back massage.. and feet reflexology.. *sigh* Isnt that just perfect?? I spent Sunday doing nothing… I don’t know how the day passed by !! Sunday night was the actual wedding… Pheras by the sea… simply gorgeous!! I cant begin to explain … Weddings make me so so emotional.. I want my little girl to stay little.. and don’t want to even think of giving her away.. 
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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time Patty! weddings are like that...lots of fun but lots of emotions! I cannot believe you are getting sad thinking about your daughter's wedding :-) Thats eons away, and trust me if she is at all like a typical teenager, when she is about 15, you'll be wishing someone would just come and take her away ;-)

  2. @kamini: LOL. I feel that at 4 years !!
    @patricia: What a lovely setting for a marriage :) Joining in this week.

  3. What a lovely weekend Pat.....I do envy you!!

  4. what a beautiful weekend. think i can do with one too

  5. came by again to say u've won!!!

  6. wow!!! Reading ur post in itself makes me feel so relaxed... Imagine a wedding at the sea aide..... dreamy!!!!

  7. Your weekend sounds wonderful. Beautiful images of the bride and groom. Weddings are always emotional.

  8. Your weekend sounds wonderful. Beautiful images of the bride and groom. Weddings are always emotional.


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