Friday 28 June 2013

Store Review ~ Design 5

What I love about Colours Dekor, is the fact that I get to meet such inspiring people, share their dreams, aspirations and get to know them a little better... each step of the way I'm amazed, intrigued and motivated by their lives... 

and now, Im telling you about my conversation with Molly, of Design5 

Molly, tell us a little about yourself :

I have a university diploma somewhere, for fine art and design that sparked a life long practice. I’ve created projects across various communication disciplines of design. Graphic, space, 3D, identity, logos et al. After a stint of almost 12 years, I decided to chase my dreams, than somebody else’s. Out of this dream was born – Design5 Studio. 
Tell us a little about Design5

Design5 Studio started in 2006 out of my love for creating 'functional' design. I create 'eco-whimsical' upcycled decoupaged products  out of eco-­‐friendly wood pieces. 
What is different about your design or your products

I believe that design is functional, design is human. Not virtual. Because it is meant for people. For a purpose. If it does not communicate, holds no interaction, then it is not design. I take items that others may consider to be junk and create products that I consider 'whimsical and fun.' My designed products reflect my belief that a good design touches you. Tickles you. At times, hopefully, even leaves you amazed.
A visually stunning graphic piece of work that arouses your senses. Any of them. Sometimes all 5 of them. 

Perfectly understand your concept about design, but what really makes Design5 different.

All Design5 products are handmade by me. Each is a unique piece. No two finished products will look the same here at our studio. I make all these products out of wood, taken from rejected old furniture pieces, that people usually throw out. So, a Wall Clock could very well have been a chair, a table or even someone’s front door! 
Give us a little demo of how things are done at Design5.

I pick out the most usable bits and cut them into usable sizes. The wood surface is scrubbed clean, made even & smooth. Then cut and fixed into desired shapes and sizes. Later I 'primer' them. This particular step out of the entire process, is the most cumbersome and toughest bit. It takes usually 2-­‐3 weeks to get enough wood for one set of products, ready for designing.
The  next step is easier. The wood products are decoupaged with my self-­‐designed paper. Later I seal them up with a waterproof  sealant. Some details can be added at the end…if I feel like it!!   

When  you buy a product from me, you can also get an opportunity of getting a unique customized, one of a kind product, made especially for you or your loved ones!! 
I immerse myself in the details. I have a knack for what I do. I live what I do. I love what I do. 

without a doubt, if you like what you see... visit Design5, and follow her on Facebook and she blogs at Design Five Studios as well.... 


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