Friday 30 September 2011

In The Zone ~ Collection

Here is a quick round up of ~ In the zone ... The first entry.. was Kala Pohl with her gorgeous studio!! 

The second one ...  Peekadot ... 

Then a stunning henna design by Creative Mind ...

And this stunning entry from Ethnically Chic

Oh.. .and then Sudha at Avial n Rasam... with a gorgeous kitchen... Must see for sure!! 

This blog is my new favouirte... ~ The purple Rickshaw *smiles* 

And I am sooooooooooo envious of Sonam and her Pottery Zone... Another must see!! 

The last entry is close to my heart ~ A One Cent Life .... and she says...

I blog from my bed, which is next to a window. The window lets the sunshine streaming, rain splattering and the a view of the beautiful rainbow afterward. That is sometimes my inspiration for my posts.  It is ordinary, but that's where I'd like it, I love lounging and blog :)

You've got to see 'in the zone' by Not yet 100 hub.... Simply amazing blogging and reading corners... *smiles*

Hope to see you join in the next 'In the Spotlight' series... *smiles*... Can you guess what the monthly topic is??? See you tomorrow!!


  1. Pretty collection of artistic zones... I had a good time going through all these blogs with their variety of spaces.

  2. Hello dearest!
    thanks a bunch for writing sweet words about my post!& this feature too..
    its always nice to hear from you & hopefully we will enjoy good time during blogging!

  3. What an awesome idea!! Pretty creative zones i must say. :) loved them all..especially the purple cute!!!:D

  4. Patty, so many beautiful posts. loved them all. off checkout some new blogs:)

  5. Beautiful and colorful, I lake it!

    Have a nice weekend, kisses:)

  6. Really pretty collection.. i love the purple rickshaw too... and the beautiful henna..
    Have a great weekend!

    Richa @ Hobby And More Food Blog

  7. Oh no! I guess I missed the bus. It said '20 mins before submission ends' so I went ahead and submitted anyway.. so I'm no. 13.. :D

    Lovely collection btw. Loved Purple Rickshaw!!

  8. Wow thanks for compiling this,..wish ya happy weekend

  9. Wow...thanks Patty...for all the beautiful words

  10. I just love your insights, it's all about good determination. I agree, it's a gorgeous kitchen and you know what, I would like to have one, exactly like that one.


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