Monday 5 September 2011

The Weekly Story ~ wk 47

Hello my lovelies.... It was lovely to have a long weekend.. *sigh*... But its gone now... and just the little memories remain... *smiles*

A last minute, pack up and camping trip to Fujeirah... meant we watched the sunset, we slept under the stars, with the sounds of the waves, and then watched the sunrise... Its still very very hot here in Dubai... and is definitely not the time for camping... But we braved it... and to our luck the temperatures dropped by evening time... *smiles*.. There is lots to this story... but all that some other time...

Returning home on Wednesday meant.... we got half the beach home... there was lots and lots of cleaning.. clearing and sorting.. *sigh*.. never ends... does it??

But the good part... in preparation of the festive season... I put out my lamps... which I stored for nearly a year, and think only used for Diwali & Christmas. They've now found a permanent home!!

Can you see this lovely wooden piece over the door.. I picked this up from the Bombay Store.... I think three years ago!! But didn't know where to put it!! I'm not convinced I've found the right place... but atleast its not in storage any more!! Do you think it looks good??

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~ Patricia


  1. Thanks for hosting the Weekly Story Patricia!

    My stories for the coming weeks including this week will be all about Skirts, all through the Month of September as part of "Sew Skirt September"celebration @ Adithis Amma Sews!

    Oh did i mention, i love the lantern in the last pic!

  2. Camping in Fujairah sounds awesome. Linking to your brilliant weekend posts for the first time.

  3. Camping sounds like so much fun Patty!! :) We miss that here in B'lore, used to do that when we were in the US.
    I'm having a giveaway Patty. Linked in with the details for that :)

  4. Wow this is on my wish list since a long time :)

  5. WOW - I need to do a desert safari and camping soon. This endless list of to see things :-(. I am still reluctant to get out of my summer mood :-). Huh! already time for lamps.

  6. Hi Paricia looks like you had a fab weekend-- linking up a recycling project tutorial

    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  7. we love camping but as my son is one and half year old we dare not to go:) I think the wooden peice looks good as its rectangle and fits perfectly over the door but can not really see the details in peice;)linking up, thanks for hosting...

  8. Hi Patty, I think it looks really beautiful .. Waiting to see how you have done up your teal room.. :)Happy week ahead

  9. I am not a camping person, but your photos are enticing Patty:):) Love your lamps and the wooden piece looks quite at home there...for now:):)

  10. Lovely pictures and thanks for hosting the weekly linking party.


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