Thursday 29 September 2011

Sea themed birthday

This post is long overdue... *smiles*.. Sorry!! I've just been horribly busy... Anyway... about that later.. One of my blogger friends... About Time Now, hosted a sea themed birthday party for her six year old daughter... 

The decor was absolutely stunning... so I simply had to share it with you all... 

DECOR: Lots of shells, blue and green paper and balloons, fish related toys of Aditi, food fish and mock edible sea ( marshmellow and rusk crumbs)

FOOD: Shell & Star biscuits , Goldfish, Pasta salad, Honey twists, Veggie Fish/ Starfish cutlets, Candies, Chocolates, Juice, Two tier marine Cake

The food... the cake.. the decor... simply perfect!! *smiles*

Happy Birthday... little Anushka... You look absolutely gorgeous in this beautiful blue dress... *smiles*... 

So tell me what you think about her lovely efforts... Hop on to About Time Now.. and leave her a comment as well.. Am sure she will be thrilled... *smiles*... 

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  1. hii .. Nice Post ..

    For More Entertainment .. Visit ..

  2. Thanks so much Pat!! Always a great feeling to be featured here

    Been busy with Dassera....

  3. Looks like a beautiful party - her dress is an amazing blue

  4. Lovely theme and decor... Everything has been worked out very well up to the last detail... Great feature, Patty as always ..!!!

  5. Thanks all, it was fun doing this and an honor to be on Colors Dekor

  6. well very simple but enough for a good party and share with friends


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