Wednesday 14 September 2011

Little Charms for kids

I admire people who follow their hearts!! Little Charms is Roshni's store and here is a small introduction to her and her products... 

Over to Roshni

I am NIFT ,Delhi diploma holder who had tried the usual export house job in the early years of my career. The merchandising job had absolutely no vent out to the creative instincts of a person, so I quit. After trying out few other things, marriage came along and I got down to being a regular housewife. After 8 years of break I am now back in full spirits and fervor not to let my dreams go, dreams where I had viewed myself of creating a designer label of my own, creating things which will bring appreciation of people and in return satisfy my hunger for creativity. I got into designing kids room décor because after having my own kid, my world revolved around him and but naturally this happens to every other parent. So here I found a gap which could be fulfilled by my creations because today every urban parent is on a quest to give the world to their kids. A happy home comes in first on the list. A beautiful and cozy room is second and this is the place where Little Charms comes in. We design furnishings exclusively to fit in kid’s room with lots of colors, patterns and our USP personalization. Giving the kid’s name to his cushion, pillow, banners etc. makes him have the feeling of owning it and that’s what makes him happy. After all, most of the siblings fights is over the issue…”This is mine!!”

Product profile: We are into developing products for kids falling into the age group of 5-12 specifically. We are not into baby products. We look towards growing kids whose needs are different coz they are developing a choice of their own and we want to cater to their wishes. We make bed sheets, cushions, quilts, banners, placemats and various other items which we are still in the process of developing.

Little Charms is on online store and we deliver the products at your doorstep. Presently we are catering to Gurgaon but orders from every nook n corner of India is most welcome

Contact Roshni, via Little Charms website, Facebook page, or Email or mobile no: 9899040245

So tell me what did you think of the above products?? And if you follow your dreams and would like to showcase here... email me on


  1. Lovely collection...simple, elegant yet colorful and cheery for kids...
    I too admire the ppl who follow their heart.

  2. Lovely collection Patty!! hmmm we crossed that stage in life :-)

  3. Beautiful, Pat. Very charming.
    I doubt there is anything that would make a kid happy than a personalized character. It's also strange but true that every kid has a favorite bed sheet or pillowcase they hang to for years. My son's pillowcase is tattered but he refuses to let it go.

    Roshni, all the best for your venture to become a huge success.

  4. Aww, I loved Avni's pillow, adorable!
    Well done Roshni!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I love the pillow with name inscribed on it! would try to knock-it off for Adithi!

  6. I can understand how happy the kids would be to see something like that in their room. Very neatly made. Love the sheet in the first picture.

  7. Hello's so lovelt to be here on Patty's blog...she is such a genuine and warm personality.Thanx for all of your acts as a fuel to move further!!!Love u all..

  8. Charming and pretty products. Will definitely check out more of their products.

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