Monday 17 October 2011

The Weekly Story ~ wk 53

Hello my lovelies... How are you doing?? So how are you preparations doing?? For me... most of this week is going to focus around cleaning, clearing, making everything white!! *smiles*... or close to white... And then next week should hopefully be easy and I'll simply put things together, and make them look pretty... Sounds very well... as a plan.... Don't really know how this week will unfold... *sigh*

Just before Diwali, there is always a huge thought given to what will be placed where... This year, we wont have any powder rangoli... but are planning on using chalk.. Don't really know how that will look... But will see!! Hence, powdered rangoli will be at a height... like on the table... The girls & I also plan on where the diyas will be lined up... and where the rest of our candle lights will be...

Looking through some last years stuff that I didn't use... And then hunting for some new... We don't have much of a choice here for Diyas and other things...

But I got this... (below)... from Jabalpur in July... Do you think I should paint this?? I actually like it the way it is... I also got another pretty earthen post.... for floating candles... I'll show you that on Diwali.. when I put floating candles in it.. I'm waiting to see how that looks... *smiles*

Inspired by Harshika's garden, sometime this week... I'm also planning on sorting and beautifying the garden... So much to do... so little time...

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~ Patricia


  1. THE candle stands have a rustic feel to it and that's what makes them stand out. Painting i think will shift the focus away from its earthiness.

    The week before Diwali is most certainly one to look forward to and hope you have a wonderful week ahead leading up to Diwali :)

    As always its a pleasure to be here and share our work. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  2. Patty..I am also hunting stuff in the house/outside:) deciding what to put where... its fun...I like the diyas as is too it looks more earthen but color will give them cheer..sorry I am no Today I am linking up my photography post will link up later with decor post...yet to take pics of my fall porch:) have a great week...

  3. hi patty :) Its so much fun decorating when the kids get involved too :)
    I love the terracotta holders as is.. but if you are planning to put oil diyas in them, they will get very dirty. instead paint them in black oil paint to keep them shiny and washable.

  4. n oh.. i almost forgot. I loved the paper lanterns you made last year with ur kids. :)

  5. Looking forward to so many lovely Diwali decor ideas.
    I don't know abt me as I am heading off to a trekking trip to kedarnath and badrinath tomorrow and will be just back the night before probably will have to do with things lying around in the house:)
    I think just a coat of glossy varnish on those diyas will perk them up and preserve them longer and still have the earthen magic to it!

  6. love the first lamp...coming to earthern diyas i agree with nayana...more lively if u color it...

  7. I like all 3 of them, they are beautiful in their own way!

    Wish you heart felt Deepavali wishes in advance!

    Adithis Amma Sews

  8. Love the flower lamp! I would suggest leaving the earthern diyas as it is, the earthy look makes it unique.

  9. You could just paint a single line of some design like small paisleys or dots with an earthy color around the diyas..that will create a new look while retaining the earthiness!
    waiting eagerly for Diwali!

  10. Hmm if its a proffesionally done painting(which u a pro at) it maybe worth it.. Else jus leave it at tht....

    Happy dowali! Cant wait to c ur home decor for diwali...

  11. Hey Im new to your blog.. Its just amazing to see your design ideas..

  12. I have been polishing up my bronze collections as well for Diwali. You have such beautiful diyas.

  13. The first pic is awesome! Advance wishes for Diwali:)

  14. Haaa the festival is around the corner :-). So many nice inspirations. I am excited too as I have my son's Dhoti celebration coming up the weekend before Diwali.

  15. pretty pretty...lokking forward to seeing more!

  16. Love the lamps!!! maybe you can use it unpainted for this year Diwali...and paint it for the next :) either ways its going to look awesome...

  17. So lovely lamps I really like it, they look so modern and creative


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