Wednesday 12 October 2011

Handcrafted Gift Strings and Navratri Decor :)

How have all of you been my lovelies?
I've been up to so much lately that it is difficult to document it in words. The little tot returned back to school, and we also took off to Spain for a week - an absolute dream of a holiday though hectic :)
Whilst scrounging around for some leftover craft material; I stumbled upon leftover thread from a cross-stitch kit that I had completed a few years ago. For some quirky reason I had retained the thread packet that had a few spools left over :)
I fashioned them into cute little braids so that they look like this..
Pretty ain't they? :)
I store them all in this little cup so that I can use it to string around gifts and lend it that special touch :)
.... and I'm so excited to share a few photographs from my decorative efforts for Navratri this year :) I have lent my little touch of beauty at the entrance to our apartment :)
Signing off until next time, have a great month... :)


  1. Lovely preparations Urmi!!

  2. Quite Innovative, loved your Idea n also the cute Rangoli..

  3. nice idea! will try it this deepavali!

    Please do drop in and vote for your favorite out of 9 new Navarathri Dresses i made for Adithi this year!

  4. i love the pretty rangoli urmi...such a gr8 idea

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