Thursday 6 October 2011

Maharaja Arts

With festivities in the air, showcasing is a store for some lovely gifts... 

Maharaja Arts, based in Texas USA was started to bring the whiff of India to an overseas crowd. At its heart lies the tag of ‘everything desi. So fusing the combination of vibrant colours, love for bling and religion – we have bejeweled portraits and murals of Radhe Krsna, Ganesha, Tirupati Balaji and other deities.

Also there are the ‘Rangeela Rajasthan’ portraits – again studded with bling and they provide an intrinsic view of the village bellas 

The portraits are completely handmade and imported from India. They were made by an artist from Maharashtra in India. Again an intrinsic desi part of the portraits is that it requires minimum maintenance. It is very easy to dust off any dirt with a dry cloth.

Our Belief

To quote Adlin Sinclair, ‘Everything is possible for the person who believes.’

At Maharaja Arts, we believe that having a dedicated temple area at your home or office or any other space, gives you a sense of peace. Also the presence of a deity you believe in – motivates you.

How it all started?

On a visit to one of his friend’s home in the US, Amit came across several small paintings of abstract art, nature and still life. And he just remembered his home in India – which had a lot of religious paintings, bejeweled and full of grandeur.

So he decided to bring the regal adornments and ‘mitti ki khushbu’ here and spread it in their homes. Unknowingly, he brought a sense of spirituality too.

About the founder ~ Amit Agarwal

Owner of a pilot training school in Texas, Amit hopes that Maharaja Arts gives the ‘home sweet home’ concept an Indian twist.

So hop on to Maharaja Arts and Email them for more information...

And dont forget to join in the festive fun at Colours Dekor *smiles*


  1. how interesting. my friend just got to Dubai yesterday...her husband is a missionary but they are really enjoying the sites. I am so glad i found your blog.

  2. each piece is unique and breathes ethnicity,thanks Pat for this lovely introduction!

  3. Lovely blog! Thanks for sharing and dropping in! See ya, JoAnn

  4. iam a g8 fan of these arts...they are simply stunning

  5. wooww amazing so beautiful pictures I will buy something similar for my office, I love this culture


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