Saturday 8 October 2011

Alexandria - Last day in Egypt

Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt. Popularly known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, mainly bcoz of its Mediterranean climate. I was so impressed by the Biblical Library in Alexandria that I wrote about it as soon as I returned from the trip in July last year… so do have a read !! Founded by Alexander the Great, Alexandria has glimpses of Greek, Roman architecture. In Alexandria it is more important to enjoy the atmosphere and ambience than the sites.

We traveled from Cairo to Alexandria and did a day trip, so no hotels involved. We returned home from Alexandria. Must visit in Alexandria are Roman remains. Being the capital of the Graeco-Roman Egypt, Alexandria has a few historic remains. The catacombs of Kom ash Shuqqafa, the Roman burial site is eery but a must visit. Here the architecture is inspired not only by Roman art, but Egyptian art as well. You need to go below ground level to visit the tombs & the Caracalla Halls.

Another attraction is the Pompey Pillar. This is an 82 foot granite column built to Honor Emperor Diocletian. After this, visit the Roman amphitheatre. This is obviously the best preserved Roman site in Egypt. Here you can also see Roman streets & homes. Its beyond impressive!!

The most impressive site in Alexandria is the State Library. This is a building with modern architecture & design. A copy of every book in the world in kept in the library, making it one of the greatest literary sites in the world. The library also houses several exhibitions relating to the history of Egypt & displays some rare antique books.

From the library, we stopped for lunch, did a little bit of shopping…. Then headed to the airport. Hope you’ve read about my Egypt trip completely – Day 1 – Luxor Day 2 – Cairo Day 3 – Cairo Day 4 – Alexandria It was a rather short trip, hectic, but every single bit well worth it!!! Hope you are planning your trip to Egypt now!! Do write to me on for any further information.


  1. OMG! love these images... make me want to travel!

  2. The Alexandria is a beautiful city of Egypt. It has several attractions for visitors. The ancient roman architecture is great and incredible.

  3. Patrica, Egypt is on bucket list, hope to visit some day, thanks for the virtual tour

  4. they are amazing...i wish Jesus to give me a chance to head there

  5. Beautiful place , Patty!so much history and enigma!
    Wishing you and your family a very happy festive filled weekend:)

  6. amazing pics Patty! I really wish I can visit Egypt now.

  7. Egypt is definitely on my "places to see" list.
    Fab pics. Thanks for posting.

  8. Beautiful pics and informative post...Patty !!

    Have a great week ahead !!

  9. Great pics patty!

    Nice weekend, kisses.

  10. really interesting pics, I love to go there once, hughs Anja

  11. Amazing photos of a beautiful place. Lucky you!
    Maybe someday we can take in these magnificent sites.
    Thanks for stopping by.


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