Saturday 15 October 2011

Bibliotheca Alexandria - Library

I'd love to go back to Egypt and spend some more time at the Bibliotheca Alexandria!! Here is a quick post on Bibliotheca Alexandria, which is the Library of Alexandria. This library was burnt down years ago and has now been restored. The library contains some millions of books, an impressive internet archive, a few specialised libraries, books for the impaired, museum for antiquities. Within the walls are some ancient manuscripts & a planetarium. The UN ran a competition for the architecture of this library and a group of young Dutch architects won and the library is their brain child. Sorry I do not recollect the architects name!!

The library is divided into the main reading area which can seat about a 2000+ people at the same time, the conference halls, the museum & exhibition rooms & the planetarium.

View pictures of this impressive library.
This impressive library has conference centres & seminar rooms that can be hired separately. The library is also host to a number of institutions, about 10 academic research centres, 9 permanent exhibitions, four art galleries for temporary exhibitions & a huge conference / convention centre.
The library is remarkably informative. Its like an universe of literature & information. You can view attractive multi-media presentations of Egypt’s heritage across 5000 years when you are there… But for those of you who want to access from home, the Library’s website offers free access to books & publications with a click of a button.
The books & resources are growing!! The whole place is just amazing!!


  1. Hey pat.......
    I was to why no posts on your I know the reason.....WOW EGYPT::::I love that place....waiting for more posts and pictures on Egypt.....

  2. Great captures from the place. Interesting read and I have never seen such a huge library, easy to get lost among the books there. The pics convey great ambiance too.

  3. amazing!
    thank you for sharing

  4. Such a wonderful information.Must have been an amazing experience!

  5. And this was rebuilt by our world class Norwegian Architect firm.

  6. these are stunning architecture...gr8 pics


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